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A Very Special Offer From One Of My Personal Friends...

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My friend Tammy is a local mom (like me) who was tired of daily planners that just didn't work for her family.  So,
she sat down and designed one that fit her needs--right
at her kitchen table. 

Her "Bizzi2Go"  planners come in  two different sizes and
various colors, but their best feature is the "fold-out/ fold-away" pages.   You end up with twice the space at half the size.   Pretty neat. 

I have Tammy's large Christian planner in midnight blue.  I use it every single day and absolutely love it.

I won't take a digital photo of it because you wouldn't be able to see a thing...each daily space is covered in writing and holds not only all my appointments, but my to-do list for each day as well.  :-)

I can see an entire month at a glance.

I've sold some to my family and other moms at dance class because they've seen mine...and wanted their own!

Even my dad, who is definitely a "man's man", has a Bizzimom planner.  He has the "Bizzi Boomer" planner that has a special insert for listing medications.  

Tammy and I help each other out with our businesses, and yesterday we were working on some projects together.  In fact, we were talking about her changes for the new 2008 Bizzi2Go Planners.

Tammy mentioned that she hassome 2007 inventory left over, and how frustrating it is to think those planners might go to waste.

Here's a pic of them in her inventory closet:

2007 Bizzimom Planners

She's got about 100 left of the small-sized ones.

Here are a few more pictures of what the planners look like...




You don't need to be a rocket surgeon to realize that every day these sit in her closet, they become more and more useless.

Obviously, she wants to get these planners into the hands of people who can use them very quickly and at this point, she wants to give them away for free.

We came up with the idea that if you make the invest-
ment in my "Real People Don't Diet" program using this link, she will send you  a planner for free, and she won't even charge you for shipping.

That's a $23.94 value!  ($19.99 for the planner, $3.95 for shipping)

To make it easier on Tammy, the color of your free planner will be a surprise.  There's black, brown and pink.  I highly doubt any male that orders will end up with a pink.  :-)

To recap, here is what you will get:

1) "Real People Don't Diet" Program - $47.00

2007 Monthly Planner from -   $23.94

                                      Total Value:          $70.94

But your total investment today is only $47.00.

Make that investment right now by clicking here!

You'll be glad you did!  (You'll be more organized and you'll lose weight!)

:-)  Cate

P.S.  In case you're skeptical and wondering how I know Tammy, she's been a friend from church for years.

Her kids go to the same school as mine.

I just took care of her dog while her family was on vacation.

I watched the Super Bowl at her house.

She's the real deal and so is her planner.

Make that investment right now by clicking here!

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