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What if I'm a "chocoholic"?

Then you're probably not alone!  Try these strategies:

1)  Know when you crave chocolate, and plan to reduce certain foods to make "carb-room" for the choclate
2)  Try chocolate graham crackers
3)  Eat small pieces of chocolate, like Hershey's Kisses or small squares built into candy bars instead of entire candy bars
4)  Compare candy labels and find ones that are lower in sugars and carbs. Get all the taste without all the gunk.
5)  Keep the chocolate in a cabinet, and make it harder to get to.  Put in plastic containers, tie with a twistie tie, wrap in a Ziploc bag.  If you leave it out in a dish, chances are you'll eat it hand over fist.  Make it hard to get to, grab a small portion and put it away.  You'll eat less each time, guaranteed.  You may even be amazed how long it lasts.

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