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What Makes Some People Swallow Worms To Lose Weight?

That's about all I could think when I saw this article come across
my RSS feed:
(Yes, this coming from a girl who swallowed goldfish at
fraternity parties in college.  Oh, to be young and stupid.)
Really--why do people go to such extreme lengths to lose
weight, when all they really have to do is make a few minor
Granted, it might take a little longer to slim down, but
wouldn't that be preferable to swallowing a bunch of worms?
But I guess that explains fad "die-its".   Take a look at the
weight-loss category on and you'll see what
I mean.
Fad after fad...including low-carb (which is really "no-carb").
I've been accused of being in the "low-carb" camp myself,
and I always beg to differ. My strategy never requires giving
up carbs.  I eat at least 60-100 grams of carbs a day.
Most of us just need to cut some "bad" carbs out of our diets,
like soda.  We all need carbs in order to stay healthy.
That doesn't mean you can never have something "bad"
that you enjoy, like soda, for instance.  It just means
you can easily drop some po unds if you drink less of it.
How much less is up to much we ight do you
want to lose?
So, the trick is to eat fewer of the "bad" carbs--or fat or
calories--and more of the "good" ones, and still enjoy
what we eat.  We need to be able to keep shopping at
our local grocery store, go on vacation, celebrate special
occasions and make our favorite recipes.  We need to
stay on budget.
And we need to be realistic.  We can't live on packaged
"die-it" foods forever.
As far as I'm concerned, no fad "die-it" can accomplish
those things.  All we have to do is educate ourselves a
bit about what it is we're eating and drinking, and then
make some substitutions or portion reductions.
The law is immutable:  take in less, and you'll we igh less.
But "less" is a far cry from "NEVER", which most "die-its"
So, if you'd like to learn how to avoid the fads and lose
we ight without swallowing worms, you can read my book,
"Real People Don't Diet".  Or keep on reading this
Either way, your taste buds will be much happier...not
to mention goldfish.  ;-)
Keep it real, and see you next time!


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