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New Study Says Older Women Need One-Hour Workouts


Happy spring, everybody!    I know it's been a while.  Yes, we
had two more dance competitions.  Yes, there was Easter in
there somewhere, too!
It was over 80 degrees today, the trees are budding, and the
grass is greener!  I love it.
Let me jump right into this issue's topic...

My March 24 newspaper carried an AP article that headlined:
"Older Women Need One-Hour Workouts To Fend Off Flab"
Of course it caught my eye.
The article went on to say that at least an hour of moderate
activity a day--EVERY DAY--is necessary for older women
at a healthy we ight who aren't "die-it" -ing to maintain their
we ight.
For those already overwe ight and looking to slim down, even
more exercise was called for if  the subjects weren't
In other words, if older women simply changed what they ate,
they wouldn't have to work out an hour a day to reach or stay
at a healthy we ight.
Naturally, I thought "Real People Don't Die t" might be
a better solution for women who aren't interested in
hitting the treadmill an hour or more a day!
The article suggests cutting back on calories, but I think that's
tough to do.  Here in New York State, restaurants are now
required to list total calories next to each menu item.  But in
most cases, when you eat, do you really know how many
calories you're taking in?  
You can read the entire article here.
Exercise is necessary to be healthy, but honestly, I find
it easier to manage my eating habits than it is to meet
unrealistic exercise goals.  I can get moderate activity
by taking care of the house, shopping, and keeping up
with my kids!
I was having coffee with a friend of mine last week, and she
told me that she's lost 7 pounds by just eliminating cream
from her coffee and her nightly glass of wine.
She's switched to flavored coffee, and drinks it black. 
I thought maybe some of you out there might be able to take
her idea and duplicate her success!  :-)
I now have Keurig machine, and prefer Green Mountain's
Southern Pecan, Golden French Toast (seasonal), Pumpkin
Spice (also seasonal), and Hazelnut Decaf.
Watch those flavored creamers.  They have tons of sugar!
Keep it real, and see you next time!


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