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How To Eat Chocolate...

Reader Jan Luckenbach from Phoenix, AZ sent in this amazing piece on the best way to eat--and savor--chocolate.

It's so decadent it's almost rated PG!

Get your well-deserved chocolate and read on...

Make sure you have no distractions while you are doing this indulgence.  No T.V. kids, pets, neighbors...nothing.

This is a great thing to do when you are soaking in the perfumed tub
surrounded by candles, indulging yourself.




I love deep, dark chocolate and nuts.  Candy bars are just too many calories and carb-foolish, besides not being very healthy for you. (ahhhh... the sinful delights of frozen Snickers Dark!) but I digress...

Dove is good chocolate.  Dove has an individually wrapped bite of dark
chocolate that is very low in calories. (I have been told 27 but I can't be

It is about 3/4 of an inch square of decadence.

Cashews are my favorite nut... Salty yet creamy.

Let us begin...




Open your can of freeze-dried cashews and take a moment to smell the aroma of the nuts. Mmmmm...

Select 5, and only 5, of the best, perfect, plump, savory cashews and place them on a napkin or special small plate.  (You are allowed to lick your fingers to wake up your taste buds!)





Deliberately open the Dove shiny foil wrapper very slowly and carefully...
listen to the sound the foil makes against the chocolate... Notice how
carefully it is wrapped.  Focus all your attention on this one moment.

Inhale... taking in the sweet but pungent smell of the dark morsel.

This must not be rushed.

Savor the aroma.

Gaze at the confection for a moment and anticipate the feeling of it melting in your mouth, coating your tongue with all it's velvety goodness.

Slowly, and deliberately take your first nibbling bite off of one corner,
only.  Let it glide deliciously around your tongue, feeling, tasting and
smelling the goodness.

Do not swallow.  Let it dissolve languidly on your tongue as you choose your first, ripe cashew.

Bite it in half and let both pieces bathe in the chocolate bath in your
mouth, dancing an age old dance of pungent, slightly sweet, yet bitter, with savory, salty and creamy.

Close your eyes. Savor each mouthful to the fullest. Break the nut up in
your mouth and mix the pieces with the chocolate.

Enjoy the sensation for a few moments. Deliberately experience the taste,
noticing the interplay of flavors.

Don't rush. You have four separate experiences to go.

Focus on how satisfied you are with the flavors, smells and mouth feel.

When you are ready, slowly swallow and prepare for your next experience.

Nibble off the next corner and let the chocolate melt on your tougue a
moment. Notice if this bite isn't a bit different from the last or is it
just as good?

Choose your next cashew and deliberately hold back from swallowing just yet. See how you are reacting to this particular bite.  Does it satisfy as much  as the first?

Take the time to enjoy the bite.

Take the next two corners and slowly do the same, each followed by a cashew.

Take the time to notice how you are feeling. If there is any stress in your
body, it will begin to melt away when you focus your complete attention on what you are doing.

Take your final bite, the center, followed by your final cashew. Focus on
what you are eating and what you are feeling while you are eating it.  There is no need to rush.  Just savor the moment.

When you are finished enjoy the feeling.

Only you can pamper yourself, by noticing how you feel when you do something  good for yourself. Use all your senses when you eat, to fully enjoy your  food.

Did somebody say "A bite of chocolate is one of the most sensual things in the world?"

If someone didn't, they should have.

Jan Luckenbach
The Virtual Entrepreneur

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