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Reader Lottery Stories

In my last newsletter

I mentioned that I had purchased five lottery tickets for the MegaMillions drawing that was worth $370 million.

Just for fun, I asked my readers to write and let me know what THEY would do if THEY won the lottery!

I'm going to keep collecting these, so send YOUR response to cate AT

Below are some of the responses.  Enjoy!

(P.S.--I didn't win.  Obviously.)

$88.6 million.....quit working for someone else, invest the majority of it,
travel to Scotland, Greece, Africa, Australia, New Zealand...anywhere and
everywhere!!  All this after paying off all bills and helping my youngest
brother who's struggling right now.

Good luck, Cate!!

wow! what to do with $88.6 million....
first, i'd pay off all of our debts -- not a lot, but it would feel good to get them all gone --  buy a house for ourselves, our 2 sons and their wives and make sure my parents are financially secure and set for the rest of their lives.  definitely use a good amount of it to support several missionaries that we know.  i guess it would be wise to invest a huge chunk of it and live off of the interest and be set for the rest of OUR lives.    travel to places i've always wanted to go -- all over the U.S., australia, new zealand and perhaps some of europe.   That would still leave a LOT left over -- for savings, more investments, helping others in need -- there would be a lot to do!  thanks for letting me daydream.....

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