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What Will Cate Be Eating On Vacation?



My family and I are heading to Virginia Beach this Thursday to visit friends.

We'll be on the road two full days, plus four days of fun in
the sun.

The day after we get back I'm heading to Salt Lake City, Utah
for a business seminar.  I'll be there next Thursday through
Sunday.  So, you could say I'm spending 10 days on the road,
far away from my home cooking and eating habits.

What do you think--will I gain weight?  

One of the bonuses I offer with "Real People Don't Diet" is
called "Real People Go On Vacation".  It's a mini-book where
I talk about how it's possible to lose weight (or keep it off)
even when traveling.
Read more about it here:

I'm going to put my money where my mouth is, so to speak.

I'll be keeping a diary of everything I eat and drink on my
trips.  Everything.

I'll post the diary on the RPDD blog, which means you'll
be able to subscribe and follow along using your RSS reader or
MyYahoo! or MyMSN or whatever else you use for your

The blog is here:

I don't want to clog your inbox with a bunch of emails, so
I'll send you a quick reminder when the blog is up.

You may want to try this yourself next time you travel.  I'm
already thinking about ordering salads instead of burgers just
because I know you'll be watching.  :-)
I'm trying to squeeze in a round of 9 holes of golf today so
I only have one quick tip for you this issue.

I've heard it from three different sources in the last couple

Want a flat belly?  I do.  But I've noticed there are times
when I', so to speak.  Let's keep things delicate
and say that when I'm eating high-fiber cereal every morning
I usually DON'T have this problem.

To keep things "moving" and greatly improve your liver function,
drink a cup of hot water with fresh-squeezed lemon every night
before bed.  I've heard from a "real friend" that it works
very well.

I'm going to try this--hopefully even while on vacation--and
will report back to you with results.  Give it a try yourself
and let me know what it does for you.

Remember, one of the best ways to stay healthy--and keep to your
natural weight--is to drink enough water and take in plenty of
fiber to eliminate not just toxins, but bulk.

On that note, I'm off to the tees...

I'll write again as soon as the journal begins.

If you're in Virginia Beach, give me a holler at
cate AT and maybe we can meet up for an
unsweetened iced tea.  :-)

Until next time--keep it real and thanks for reading!
:-)  Cate 

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