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You Are Mighty
Another Reason To Stop Drinking Soda



Happy Tuesday!

Before I get "down to business" I wanted to send you
something fun that will hopefully make your day.  ;-)

Paste the following web address into your browser, replacing
the "XXXX" with your first name:

Turn up your speakers, sit back and enjoy!

I go to "my" version of this whenever I need a motivation
boost.  I think the music is key.


When I was traveling over Memorial Day weekend I
read a newspaper item that caught my eye:

"Caution:  some soft drinks may seriously harm
your health".

A British university study has shown that common
preservatives used in soft drinks can actually
change the makeup of DNA, leading to cirrhosis and
Parkinson's disease.

These same preservatives have already caused concern
because they change to benzene, a carcinogen, when
mixed with vitamin C.  

One of the soft drinks is Sprite, something I let
my kids drink as a treat because it doesn't have

Guess they won't be drinking THAT any more!

You can get the full details in this article:

I know there are lots of you out there that
love soft drinks, and I can totally relate to that,
because I was addicted to Coke when I started my
"Real People Don't Diet" strategy.

I thought I was doing great if I could limit myself
to one Coke a day.

I got off the Coke habit by drinking seltzer instead.

Part of the RPDD strategy is to strategize your eating
so you don't feel deprived.  News like this can be
really discouraging when it's about a food or drink item
you enjoy.  

But sometimes the evidence is overwhelming and
we have to be realistic about the dangers of the foods
we eat and the liquids we drink, and realize that
changes in our diets need to be made.

Decades ago, chlorine and flouride weren't in our
water supplies.  Decades ago, our meat and dairy
products weren't full of hormones and antibiotics.
Decades ago, foods weren't full of preservatives and
trans fats.

What do we have now?  Greater incidences of ADHD,
Alzheimer's, learning disabilities, cancers, obesity
and more. Kids are resistant to antibiotics.  My own
kids have discolored teeth from the flouride in our city
water supply.  My cousin doesn't have any enamel on
his teeth for the same reason.

I don't trust the government to properly evaluate and
regulate drugs or food supplies.  They've been wrong
too many times.  

So when information like this surfaces, and we already
pretty much know that soda isn't good for you, I think it's
wise to begin searching for healthier alternatives that are
just as satisfying.

The key is to keep it "just as satisfying"!

Learn more about my RPDD strategy here (if you haven't already
read the book):

Let me know your thoughts.

As always, if I can answer any questions for you, please drop
me an email at cate AT  

Keep it Real,

:-)  Cate


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