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Jill's Inspirational Story, In Her Own Words



Happy Fourth of July!
I hope you're doing something fun this holiday, even if it's
simply barbecuing in the backyard with those you love best.

Nine years ago tomorrow was one of the best days of my
life.  At 8:22 a.m. my second child and first daughter was

It wasn't exactly the way I planned to spend the Fourth but
it worked out just fine.  :-)


I received an amazing e-mail from a customer recently that
really touched my heart.  I had hoped my book would help a few
other people lose weight, but I was totally unprepared to receive
an e-mail like this.

Jill has given me permission to share her story, and I hope it encourages
you, too.

I'll let Jill speak in her own words:

"Hi Cate!
Well, it is a challenge because I have a spinal cord injury which left me paralyzed and in a wheelchair. I can't weigh myself so it is really hard to know whether I have lost weight.  Both of my sisters think I have. I simply can't tell by looking into the mirror. One big problem is that I am also having a lot of edema which makes it even harder!

I know I have been applying your suggestions and reducing carbs, mostly by limiting to one starchy thing each meal instead of two or three.  For example, not having corn, potatoes and bread at one meal and just choosing one of these three items. But I will keep going- eventually my clothes will become too big, and THEN I will know if I am losing weight, smile!  I just keep telling myself, " Slow but steady!".   Your suggestions do make sense and it is certainly worth the effort- it really isn't dieting- it is tailoring your eating habits a bit. 

There is one benefit- I was diagnosed with diabetes this past January and since I've cut down on the carbs, my blood sugar was tested out recently as the same as a "normal" person's and when I do self-test for sugar, the numbers have come way down. Sooooo....yes, I would say there are positive things happening, smile! I just can't get on a scale to get my "numbers"! It takes me a little longer and a bit more patience to see the results!



I think you can imagine why Jill's e-mail was so inspiring to me.

Jill makes a couple points that I think are worth pointing out.

First, she isn't weighing herself every day.  She's going by how her
clothes fit and how she feels.  Your weight will fluctuate depending
on what time of day it is, how much sleep you had, what you ate
or drank, your monthly cycle if you're a female...and a myriad of
other reasons, including the weather!  If you stay away from the
scale and instead focus on how your clothes fit or how you feel,
you'll notice changes much faster and be much more encouraged.

Not only that, when you step on the scale every month or so, you'll
see bigger weight-loss numbers...and THAT will make you feel great!

Jill also talks about eating fewer carbs and how it actually began to
reverse some of her diabetic symptoms.  The RPDD strategy isn't all
about carbs, of course, but that's a crucial part of what we did to
lose all our weight.

It just highlights how eating the wrong foods--or less of certain foods--
can make a huge difference in your health.  

It's not about making big changes in your lifestyle, unless of course your
doctor is telling you to do so.  It's about making SMALL changes that
add up to BIG results!

I think if Jill can do it, we all can.  I know that I personally don't have
anywhere near the obstacles she faces when it comes to losing weight
and keeping it off.

Thank you, Jill, for generously sharing your story with us.  

If YOU have a success story--or a question, or a struggle--that you'd like to share, go ahead and send it to me at cate AT

It's always helpful to learn from others' experience.
If you haven't already the book Jill is referring to and would like to give it
a try, just visit:

I have an 8-week money-back guarantee so you don't have anything
to lose.  

As always, if I can answer any questions for you, please drop
me an email at cate AT  

Keep it Real,

:-)  Cate


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