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THIS ISSUE:  Colds, Cookies and Chili
Happy Tuesday!

This edition of  "The Don't Diet Digest" might be a little loopy,
since I'm filled to the gills with cold medicine (Sudafed--isn't that
stuff behind-the-counter now?). 

I was hoping to make it through the winter without a head cold.  Oh

Airborne seems to be making the cold go away faster.  Ever heard of it?
If not, get yourself to Wal-Mart (or any drugstore) and grab some.  It's
a bit pricey but worth every penny.  I have Airborne Jr. for the kids,
too.  It builds your immune system--pronto.  Here's their website:

It's cute, don't you think?

Down to business...


Ok, so what do you eat when you're under the weather?  Chocolate,

Funny I should say that, because we mentioned chocoholic
strategies in last week's newsletter...

And Leslie wrote in with HER terrific idea for keeping chocolate in her life:

"I've identified one sugar-free chocolate which tastes real good to me -
dark chocolate covered mints (Russell Stover is my favorite).  To limit
the amount eaten at a time -- I FREEZE the candies.  So I have to
nibble, and two candies is enough for me at any time.  (A serving is
three candies.)  This also means I eat the candies slower, nibbling,
rather than gulping them down."

Thanks, Leslie!  That's a GREAT idea.

I do the same thing with Girl Scout's Thin Mint cookies.  They taste
fantastic right out of the freezer.

I found a great way to make chili and please the family this week.
Load it up with black beans, great northern beans, light and dark
kidney beans.  Don't forget some onions and peppers.  Then, when
it's nice and hot and spicy, serve it over steaming hot pasta and top
with shredded cheese and sliced onions. 

We gave the kids a lot more pasta than we took for ourselves.  I used
penne, which they love.  We ate a few penne and enjoyed a side salad
as well.

But don't beans have carbs?  Yeah.  Healthy carbs.  So other than the
obvious social interaction issues, eat up.  You'll stay "full" for hours, get
lots of nutrients, lose weight and speed up your metabolism.  By eating
chili with cheese.  Mmmm.....


This past week I had a couple of the moms at dance class ask me what I
do.  I always whip out my laptop when I'm there, so I guess curiosity got
the best of them.

When I mentioned that I have my own online business they were
surprised.  "What do you do online?" they asked.  So I told them about Real
People Don't Diet and how it came about (plus my other job as a virtual

They reacted like everyone else when I tell them what I do.  "I wish I
could do that..."

Well, you can.  I'm not special--(well, actually I am, but no more special
than you)--and I don't work magic. 

One thing I DID do right was choose the correct source to learn HOW
to earn a living online. 

My first year, I earned a couple thousand bucks.  The next year, I earned
nearly $12,000--and paid my kids' private school tuition.

Now I make enough to surpass my last job.

I could go on and on, honestly.  But video says it best.  See how this
stay-at-home mom used SiteBuildIt! to change her life, just like me:

If you aren't a stay-at-home mom, the point is the same.  You WOULD
like to stay at home and work, wouldn't you?  :-)

When you're done and if you're a WAHM (work at home mom),
download the WAHM Masters Course:

It's fr * e, and I'm really proud to say I helped co-author it.

And as soon as I have my own video, I'll let you know.  For now, this
will have to do.  :-)

If you have any questions about SiteBuildIt!, feel free to e-mail
and ask.


For all you type-A's out there...

"I'm not where I want to be, but thank God I'm not where I used to be!"
--Joyce Meyer

Take time today to enjoy where you are--and who you're with.


If you own "Real People Don't Diet" you know it's very possible to keep eating what you love and still lose weight.  Make sure you visit and send us your success story!

This week Kimberly in Illinois sent me an e-mail that absolutely made my day:

"I just wanted to say thanks for putting this together.  I hadn't realized how many carbs I was eating!  I was watching the calorie count but not the carb.  I've lost 3 lbs. this week just trying to eat less carbs. I have a LOT to lose so that may not seem like much but at least I'm not gaining! The easy weight loss has even motivated me to exercise some.  I have 100 extra lbs. to lose and exercise can be difficult. One of the greatest benefits has been helping me to deal with my horrible Dr. Pepper habit but seeing what the carb count was FINALLY helped me curb this.  I had been following a calorie counting diet and had managed to work a Dr. Pepper in for myself daily. It actually fit calorie wise but I was gaining!  Now I am losing!  Seeing the number on the scale go DOWN is a great motivator.  THANK YOU!"

I'm really happy for Kimberly and expect to hear more great things from her.  Let her story inspire you. 

If you have a story of your own to report, either hit "reply" and send it along or visit

Thanks so much for reading.  I know you're busy, and I appreciate your time.

If I can answer any questions for you, please drop me an e-mail at cate AT
Keep it Real,

:-)  Cate

P.S.  Don't forget to check out the OTHER book I helped write!

P.P.S.  Keep your hands off my Thin Mints!
(Just kidding)

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