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Are You Getting Your Mail?
Canned vs. Frozen Veggies

I bet you're wondering what I mean about getting your mail.

Let me explain.

I didn't send a newsletter last week because I found out
that several of my readers are NOT getting copies of the
"Don't Diet Digest" they asked for.  I got busy trying to
figure out why.

Because s*p*a*m is out of control, ISP's have decided to be
ruthless when it comes to preventing e-mail from even reaching
your spam folder, let alone inbox.  Unfortunately, e-mail
you've signed up to receive--mail you WANT to get--is falling
victim to your ISP's delivery decisions.

In other words, they're taking mail out of your mailbox!

One reason for this is the easy "s*p*a*m" button at places
like AOL.  You hit the button for e-mails you don't recognize
or obvious unwanted mail.  Problem is, if enough people hit that
button for e-mails from me, AOL will stop delivering ANY e-mails
from me to ANY of their subscribers.

Please know that I utilize a mailing list that is in full
compliance with the CAN-SPAM law.  That means you have to go
through "double opt-in" in order to get on my mailing list.  You
have to provide your name and e-mail address, then wait for a
separate e-mail to click a confirmation link before you can
be considered "verified" and eligible to receive mail.

In other words, if you get an e-mail from me, YOU ASKED FOR IT!

It's not s*p*a*m.

If you wish to unsubscribe, there's a link at the bottom of
each e-mail that'll let you do so. 

Now, how do I get around the problem of folks not receiving
my newsletter?

I'm going to have to send out a quick reminder e-mail the day
after I publish.  It'll let you know I sent a newsletter out
and give you the link on my website where I posted the archive, so
you can go and read it. 

The archived newsletters can be found at:

Because I realize this is an inconvenience, I'd like to make it
worth your while!  Each notification that a newsletter has gone out
will include a favorite recipe of mine, one right from my own
kitchen.  Hopefully, it'll help you look forward to hearing from
me twice in a row.  :-)

But if not, please feel free to unsubscribe.  Just don't hit the
s*p*a*m button.  It's like charging me with a crime I didn't
commit.  Thanks!


It wouldn't be an RPDD newsletter if I didn't give you a quick
tidbit on eating strategies.  :-)

Do you eat canned vegetables?  If you do, I recommend you switch to fresh or

Canned vegetables are filled with sugar and salt.  Most of the
nutritional value was drained away during processing.

Frozen vegetables, on the other hand, are much closer to "fresh
picked".  That means they taste better--and are better for you.

Recently I got my dad to switch from canned veggies to frozen
veggies.  After years of insisting he would never eat frozen,
his freezer is filled with beans and peas!

How best to prepare frozen veggies?

Usually I put the bag in a glass, microwave-safe container. 
I sprinkle some garlic flakes and/or onion flakes and black
pepper over the veggies.  Then I microwave the recommended time,
stirring once.  I do NOT add additional water.  I let the
veggies sit for a minute or two before serving.  They're always crisp and tasty.

Another great way to serve green beans (albeit a little fattening)
is to sizzle some butter, fresh garlic and fresh onions in a
wok.  Once the garlic and onions are tender, add frozen green
beans and stir-fry until cooked (but crisp). 

Remember, all veggies are good for you--don't scrimp!  Splurge!

Thanks so much for reading.  I really appreciate it.

As always, if I can answer any questions for you, please drop
me an email at cate AT  

Keep it Real,

:-)  Cate

P.S.   Don't have a copy of "Real People Don't Diet" yet?  Check it
out again--and lose a few pounds for that office Christmas party!

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The course is called "EZ Web Business Builder" and you can check it
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P.P.P.P.S.  I've known Leo since my first day in first grade with the scary and terrifying Sister Helen.  We lost touch in high school but imagine
my surprise when I found out he was living in the same dorm as me
on the first day of college!  I don't know where Sister Helen is
but Leo's been busy helping people get out of debt for years.
We've stayed in touch and I recommend his program wholeheartedly,
if you want to organize your debt, make a plan to pay it off and
even figure out how long it will take.  If you like to laugh make
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Did I just set the record for the most postscripts in one newsletter?  :-)


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store.  But shopping differently guarantees you'll save money!

Use my friend Lana Dorazio's strategy when you shop and watch the
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