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Keep Your Weight From Getting Scary
A Few Things I've Learned From My Kids Recently

Happy harvest!

Yes, it's that time of year again.  Crisp but sunny afternoons,
apple crisp, fleece pullovers and the smell of crackling leaves. 
Let's not forget NFL on Sundays and the Red Sox in the World

(Go Sox.)

BUT it's also the time of year we start staying inside--
eating more comfort foods--
gorging on candy kids bring home in pillowcases--
eating pumpkin pies, mashed potatoes and carb-filled goodies--
and looking ahead to this year's bunch of yummy Christmas cookies.

"Real People Don't Diet" contains a bonus called "Real People
Celebrate Holidays".  The point of the mini-book is to let you
know it's okay to make food part of your celebrations!  You can
still enjoy those once-a-year foods you love without having to
add the typical 10 pounds most folks gain.

Here are some strategies for keeping your weight reasonable
without skipping all the fun.

*Choose one dessert you absolutely love, and serve it to
yourself on Halloween.  Try to choose one that fits the "Real
People Don't Diet" strategy and minimizes the damage.  Instead
of eating candy you're giving away or sneaking your kids' stash,
fully enjoy the dessert you've prepared.  When it's gone, you're
done until next year.  Just a one-day deal.

*If you must have candy around, keep it out of sight.  Don't
have it within reach, even if that means not filling those
pretty candy dishes with the brightly colored foil chocolates
(you know which ones I'm talking about).  Put fresh cranberries
or small round ornaments in the dishes instead.  Or, try yummy

*If you're craving comfort foods, try new recipes that use lots
of fall veggies.  Squash and carrots come to mind.  You can make
amazing soups, muffins and side dishes with harvest foods. 
You'll boost your nutrition and soothe your tummy.

*Keep an eye out for Christmas cookie recipes that use a lot of
nuts and fruits and a small amount of sugar.  Search diabetes
recipe sites or cookbooks for tasty items you can try this year.
Replace one of your not-quite-favorite cookies with one of the
new recipes, and keep on going each year until you've cut your
sugar intake at least in half.  Your waistline will love it!

*Watch your alcohol intake.  Concoct a favorite holiday drink
you'll enjoy only during this time of year.  Some ideas:  cranberry
seltzer, lemon or lime water, apple spice herbal tea.  Watch out
for eggnog (I don't like it so this isn't a problem for me.)  All
things in moderation.  Drink half what you normally would.

*Make your Christmas list early.  Is there something you really,
really want?  Promise to buy it for yourself when the season is
over, provided you stay at your current weight or lose pounds.
Bribery?  Yes.  But it works.  If you want something badly enough,
you'll overcome momentary temptation.

*Eat more meat, salad and veggies at holiday meals.  Fill your
plate with these items first, then move to the heavier items like
potatoes and stuffing. 

*Choose between dinner rolls and dessert.  Decide you can't have
both.  Which do you want more?  Whichever you choose, enjoy!  (I
choose pumpkin pie with whipped cream!)

There are lots more terrific ideas in the bonus, so if you don't
already have your copy of "Real People Don't Diet", head on over
today and get one.

You CAN enjoy your family, friends and food traditions without
compromising your weight!


I tried a new recipe tonight that was fantastic!  But remember,
I'll only be sharing it in tomorrow's "my newsletter is now
posted online" way of saying "sorry for the
inconvenience of sending you yet another email". 

Details were in last week's newsletter.  If you didn't get it,
you can read it online at:

Look for it--I'm sure you'll love it this time of year.  (Hint:
it's orange, and it's not pumpkin pie).

A lot of my recipes come from my Gooseberry Patch cookbooks.  Get
the autumn ones or the Christmas ones'll enjoy reading
them like no other cookbook you've owned before!

A lot of my recipes come from my Gooseberry Patch cookbooks.  Get
the autumn ones or the Christmas ones'll enjoy reading
them like no other cookbook you've owned before!

Gooseberry Patch cookbooks


I'll wrap up with a few things I've learned from my kids in the
last couple weeks.  Keeping in mind the adage "laughter is the
best medicine", get ready for an overdose.  :-)

*Make sure you check your son is actually wearing underwear
BEFORE his Little League fall-ball game.

*Explain that the deodorant is supposed to go on the actual armpits,
not a bright red baseball uniform.  "Put it under your arms" may
have different connotations to an 11 year-old still in body odor

*If you find $100 American Girl doll hair curls around, and then
locate scissors behind your daughter's bedroom door, you'd better
start asking questions.

*Kids aren't as afraid of field mice running across the kitchen
floor as their mothers are.

*It is absolutely physically possible to take a shower for ten
minutes without getting one's hair wet, let alone washed.  Try it
sometime.  Then you'll figure out why your kid keeps doing it.

*The Total Gym in my bedroom is not meant to be a toy.

*You can never make your Christmas list too early.

*Eleven year-olds lose teeth, and they aren't permanent, so
don't worry.  However, if they squirt out onto the floor at
Panera Bread, you should take action as quickly as possible.

*The Tooth Fairy may need two or three nights before she
remembers to leave a buck.

*Don't leave out the cookie the field mouse nibbled to show your husband
the next morning.  Your kid will eat it, thinking he's sneaking one without you knowing.  Then you'll spend all morning convincing him he can still eat
breakfast and mice can't get rabies.

*Can mice get rabies?


I hope you enjoyed this week's issue!  

Thanks so much for reading.  I really appreciate it.

As always, if I can answer any questions for you, please drop
me an email at cate AT  

Keep it Real,

:-)  Cate

P.S.  Check out those Gooseberry Patch cookbooks and get great meal ideas for harvest and holiday seasons.

Cate's favorite cookbooks

P.P.S.  Save on your grocery bill with my good friend Lana
Dorazio's book.  I spend less than $500 a month to feed a family
of 5 using her ideas!


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