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Thanksgiving Success Story
2008 Bizzimom Planners



So...for those of us living here in the U.S., the turkey has come and
gone.  How was your day?

Did you enjoy yourself?  Did you eat enough of what you wanted?  Did you overeat and kick yourself for it later?

If you're following the Real People Don't Diet lifetime eating strategy, you probably ate everything you wanted without guilt.  Most likely you didn't feel frustrated and uncomfortable because you were guilty of overeating. Best of fall, you probably didn't gain weight!

I was very touched by an e-mail Nancy Westley wrote me last week. Here's what she had to say:

"Hi! I had been a low-carb enthusiast for about 2 years until I became very bored with the same old foods. I missed some of my favorite foods and if I would indulge occasionally I felt I blew it, then thought why bother. So the rest of the day I pigged-out. That all or nothing thinking helped me put back 8 lbs. But after reading your book, I realized that I could have it all with the proper trade-off. So putting that theory to work this past Thanksgiving, and just eating exactly what I wanted and keeping portions small, trading sweet potatoes for pumpkin pie (no crust), I lost a pound. I couldn’t believe the scale Monday morning. I was able to lose weight and eat a Thanksgiving meal. I now have hope for the holidays. Thank you for writing a book that teaches real people how to eat real food."

--Nancy Westley

One pound may not seem like a lot, but notice how eating differently, without dieting, changed Nancy's perception of herself AND her enjoyment of the holidays!  

I am firmly convinced that dieting is one of the most devastating things you can do to yourself emotionally.  Diets set us up for personal failure. On the other hand, reasonable and moderate food habits (and allowance for special foods and special occasions) are must less self-destructive and will work for just about any lifestyle.

You can learn more about the RPDD strategy that worked for me and my husband as well as Nancy at:

Here's hoping YOU get to enjoy this holiday season free from food guilt!

Speaking of the holidays, there are only about four weeks left in 2007. Are you ready for 2008?  I'm sure you're already making plans and appointments!

My friend Tammy Matthews (a.k.a. "Bizzimom") has her 2008 daily planners up and ready to go.  The calendar pages fold out, so you have plenty of room to write and keep track of things.  Tammy designed the planner at her kitchen table a couple years ago, and I was just one of many "bizzi moms" who worked with Tammy to provide feedback and develop the planner before she took it to market.  I have yet to find anything that works as well for me!  

Our local Borders stores are selling them, and I don't think it'll be long before she goes national!  It's exciting to say "I knew her when...".

Anyway, visit Tammy's site at and see what you think.  I'm not getting a "cut" of sales for sending visitors Tammy's way--I just love my Bizzi2Go planner and want to spread the word!  Tammy is a great gal and I guarantee you'll enjoy being her customer.

Thanks so much for reading.  I know you're busy, and I
appreciate your time.  

I hope you have a great week and stay safe and warm!  Winter's arrived here in the Northeast and I know a lot of you had to deal with nasty weather this week as well (except our friends in Australia, who are enjoying a lovely springtime, I'm sure).

Keep it Real,

Cate Brizzell signature

P.P.S.  Don't forget to check out the OTHER book I helped write!

P.P.P.S.  "Real People Spend Money".  Okay, so it's not a "real product", but if I had a say in it, that's what I'd rename my grade-school friend Leo's e-book.  It's called "How To Own Your Paycheck Again" and it's a complete plan for getting out of debt.  In fact, the MORE debts you have, the FASTER you will get out of debt!  Sound impossible?  It's not.  We used the system to pay off $14,000 in student loans and credit card debt, and we're using it again to pay down a home equity loan.  Give it a try.

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