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Back Away From The Scale
What Would You Do With Millions?



Hope you had a great week!  I sure did.

On Friday I had my annual checkup.  The nurse
asked me to step on the scale.  I had no idea
what the scale would say as it'd been about a
month since I'd weighed myself.

I was totally thrilled to find that not only
had I reached my goal weight, but I was probably
actually a pound or two lighter, since I was weighed
with all my clothes on (and the office staff was

A GREAT day!

If you want to hear the story of how I lost two
(now almost three) dress sizes then pick up your copy
of my book at

Okay, enough shameless plugs, read on...


I just got an e-mail from my mom, who read my
book (thanks, Mom) and is trying to lose weight
by faithfully following the Real People plan.

She told me she keeps checking the scale and is
getting a little bit discouraged.

My mom is great--she's smart, she's funny, and
she's good at a lot of things I can't even begin
to master, like sewing, gardening, gift-giving
and yes, even cooking.

(I know she's reading this.  Hi, Mom!)

But if my mom wants to lose weight, she needs to
do two things:

1.  Back away from the scale
2.  Stop thinking she's on a diet

You can see how the habit of dieting becomes nearly
impossible to overcome!  Even though my book is
called  "Real People Don't Diet", my mom feels as
though she's dieting.  She feels guilty if she doesn't
eat what she thinks she should be eating to lose weight.

Those of you who've read the book know you can still eat
the foods you eat now.  You just have to do a little
extra math.

My lifestyle plan has nothing to do with dieting and
everything to do with eating.  Focusing on dieting
will NOT work.

If you check your scale every day, you'll invariably
be depressed.

Think of it as the "watched pot that never boils".

I remember suddenly putting on jeans one day and
realizing they were baggy.  That's how I knew I'd lost
my first five pouunds.

I wouldn't weigh myself any more frequently than once
a week, at most.

Those of us with kids know how we wake up one day
and our kids are suddenly taller, heavier, stronger,
smarter and much more mature than the last time we
checked.  The changes occurred gradually and snuck
up on us.  Usually, it's a bittersweet thing.

But take the same concept and apply it to the Real
People way of losing weight.  You take a simple formula,
use it for a few weeks, and suddenly you wake up to
find your figure (and weight) has radically changed.

Don't know what I'm talking about?  Get the book:

I love ya, Mom, but you need to back away from that scale!


So tonight I bought a Mega Millions ticket.  I think
the jackpot is around $370 million.  The drawing is
tonight in Times Square.

I bought $5 worth of quick picks and got a free ticket.  
Woo hoo.  Wouldn't it be funny if that ticket was the
winner?  I didn't even know you get a free ticket if
you buy $5.

If you don't hear from me next Tuesday, you'll know
I won. :-)

So, $370 million.  That's $221.1 million if  I take
the lump sum.

Figure 10% tithe, which is $22 million.  My pastor
would definitely pass out.

Then 50% to taxes, which I trust the government would
spend wisely on butterfly dung or cow habitat research.  
That would be about $110.5 million.

This leaves me with a cool $88.6 million to invest,
spend or give away.

What would you do?

Write to and let me know.  
I'll put the answers up on a webpage and give you the
link next week, just for fun.  Try to keep your answers
reasonably brief.  It was hard for me to be "pithy" when
I did the exercise--I had a long list of stuff I wanted
to do.

Have fun!


"Nothing can stop the man (or woman) with the right
mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on
earth can help the man (or woman) with the wrong
mental attitude."

--Thomas Jefferson

How true it is.


I got my Girl Scout cookies this week.  Yum.  I put those
babies in the freezer and am enjoying them immensely.  

Just two or three at a time.

Thanks so much for reading.  I know you're busy, and I
appreciate your time.

If I can answer any questions for you, please drop me an
e-mail at cate AT

Keep it Real,

:-)  Cate

P.S.  Don't forget to check out the OTHER book I helped write!

P.P.S.  Keep your hands off my Thin Mints!
(Just kidding)

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