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Why Diet Soda Makes You Fatter

(Surprise for all who read to bottom...)

Well, I got my nut-covered chocolates!  Apparently my
husband really *does* read my newsletter at work.  And
my mom definitely reads, too, because I found out she sent
him a warning e-mail to make sure he showed up with
the right chocolates Thursday night!  Thanks, Mom!

Did you all have a nice Valentine's Day?  I received some
nice e-mails from folks telling me how they were planning
to indulge themselves.  Hope no one got out of control.  :-)

Now it's time to make sure the kids get all their playdates
and "fun" stuff squeezed into a one-week, February vacation.
Thankfully we're having reasonable weather here. Hope the
same goes for you.


This week's newsletter takes a bit of a serious turn, as
there were two notable health reports recently that really
drive home the fact we all need to lose those extra pounds,
and do so in a way that is as natural and moderate as

The first article is called: "Artificial Sweeteners Linked to
Weight Gain".  Now, I've never been a big fan of artificial
sweeteners like aspartame or Nutrasweet.  I will occasionally
eat things with Splenda in them to avoid the high-sugar
content.  Overall, it's my personal opinion that artifical sweeteners
are nothing but chemicals that do your body harm. 

Not only that, but drinking diet soda and eating diet foods
seem to lead people to believe they can eat as much as they want
and not get fatter.  I don't know...something tells me your large Diet
Coke isn't going to help when you're wolfing down the Big Mac,
super-sized fries and apple pie, too.  :-)  Is it just me, or what?

So, how do artificial sweeteners make you gain weight?

Here's an excerpt from the study:

"...sweet foods provide a "salient orosensory stimulus" that
strongly predicts someone is about to take in a lot of
calories. Ingestive and digestive reflexes gear up for that
intake but when false sweetness isn't followed by lots of
calories, the system gets confused. Thus, people may eat
more or expend less energy than they otherwise would."

Does that make sense?  Other than the fact I've never used
"salient orosensory stimulus" in a sentence before, I think the
study simply shows that artificial sweeteners trick your brain
to stop thinking that sweet foods mean higher calories, thereby
slowing down your metabolism. 

Read the entire article here:

Impress your friends and mention their "salient orosensory
stimulus" next time you're at the watercooler.


The next article is even more sobering:  "Being Overweight
Raises Risk Of A Dozen Cancers, Study Finds".

We know there's likely a link between being overweight and
breast and colon cancer.  This study shows that there may
also be links to other forms of cancer, as well.

It doesn't prove that being overweight causes cancer.  It
just shows that the risk increases, which leads one to believe
that being overweight creates conditions in one's body that
can help foster the growth of cancer cells.

An excerpt:

"In men, an average weight gain of 33 pounds increased the risk of
esophageal cancer by 52 percent, thyroid cancer by 33 percent, and
colon and kidney cancers each by 24 percent, the research found.

In women, a weight gain of 29 pounds increased the risk of cancer
in the uterus and gall bladder by nearly 60 percent, esophagus by
51 percent and kidney by 34 percent, the study said."

Rest of the article is here:,2933,330776,00.html


Look, this isn't meant to be a bummer or to make anyone feel
worse about themselves because they might be overweight.  We
all struggle with things we'd like to change, so don't beat
yourself up.

What these studies *do* show is that if you want to live a
longer, healthier life--and you haven't been able to lose
the extra weight--you really need to get serious about finding a
way to lose weight that makes sense for you. 

Dieting doesn't work, so try something different!  You know you
probably need to make some menu and lifestyle changes.  But
then again, we *all* know that, and yet very few of us get around
to doing what needs to be done.

We need something that can circumvent lack of willpower and
fit into "regular" life, no matter how busy.

That's why I tell everyone I can about "Real People Don't
Diet", especially when they ask how I lost weight and
keep it off.  I didn't write the book to start a business; I
wrote the book because so many people asked how we lost
weight, and then said, "You should write a book!"

You *can* lose the weight, you *can* decrease your risk of
cancers and health disease, and you *can* do it without
giving up foods you enjoy and having to deprive yourself
all the time!

I offer a full money-back guarantee on "Real People Don't
Diet", so you really can't come up with a reason for not
giving it a try, especially if nothing else has worked
for you before. 

And by the way, we just had hot dogs (natural, no nitrates)
and fries for lunch.  I'll give you a hint as how we eat the RPDD
way:  we had two dogs but just one bun, a reasonable helping
of fries, some raw baby carrots and ice water to drink.  (We also
had two Reese's small  peanut butter hearts for dessert--but shh...
don't tell the kids..they don't know where we're keeping them).

No diet food here!

Here's the site again:


The dryer is buzzing so it's time to wrap up.

Thanks for reading.  I really appreciate it!

Keep it real, and see you next week.


Cate Brizzell signature

P.S. Just to prove that you should really have a sense of humor about
everything, check out this funny "diet" video at YouTube:

P.P.S.  There's a new website address for archived issues of this

Easy to find, easy to catch up!



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