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Have Fun With Your Peeps!
Going Garage Sale-ing

Think losing weight without dieting is impossible?

Reader Fran wrote me this week and said:

"Hi Cate,

I'm having so much fun and my stress level of
sticking to certain meal plans (i.e. diets) has
dropped 70%.  The other 30% is everyday life

This has been the best thing since sliced toast,
as my grandmother would say.  At two weeks I'm
down 9 lbs. and for the first time in two years
I put on a pair of jeans and they fit.

I had lost 50 lbs. two years ago but with the stress
of dieting and sick parents I had gained back 30
lbs. this year and was tired and hating myself.
This has given me a second chance and it's easy!


Fran gave me permission to share her story.  I hope
it inspires you to try *not* dieting and see if
you can fit into those old jeans, too!  :-)

And hey...have some chocolate and Peeps this weekend,
but don't go crazy!  You are what you eat and I for one
don't want to be pink and fluffy!


A shout-out to my reader in Sweden who just lost
3 kilos in short know who you are!

I wasn't paying attention in 5th-grade math class
so I have no idea how many pounds that is.  My new
friend seemed happy so I'm assuming it was a good thing!


A little off-topic, but I have a really good friend
who abandoned me and moved to Tampa, FL where she
enjoys super weather while we muddle in snowdrifts.

But I'm not bitter or anything.

She's one of those really talented people who can
sniff out deals and bargains for top-of-the-line
items and live on a budget like you would NOT

Kate and her husband are also super garage-salers
who will up and have one "spur-of-the-moment" and
make oodles of cashola.  Kate took that expertise
and spearheaded a garage-sale fundraiser for her kids'
preschool that raised over $4,000 in one day!

She and her sister Laura wrote an e-book outlining
exactly how to have a successful garage sale fundraiser. 
But it applies to home garage sales, too.  The book contains
timelines, lists, signs you can print out and use, and
additional ideas for making extra *cash* while you've
got customers standing in your driveway. 

For less than $15 you can get a quick, easy-to-read
guide that will help you raise hundreds of dollars at
your next garage sale.

If you don't want the full book, Kate and Laura have made
their pricing package, lists and signs available for
a smaller fee.  You can download both right away.

I get nothing for this endorsement.  I just hope Kate
sells enough e-books to pay for a round-trip ticket
up north to visit ME!

To order "Garage Sale Fundraisers" just go here:


Since we're on the topic of finances...

Do yourself a favor and use that money you earn from
your garage sale as your "headstart" for Leo Quinn's
"Own Your Paycheck Again" debt reduction program.

You might want to use your government rebate check
coming in May the same way.

If you're using the RPDD method of losing weight,
you could also use the money you'd be spending on
diet centers or diet programs or diet foods as a
headstart on paying down your debt, too.

Learn more about Leo's program here:


Enjoy Easter and Passover and I'll be back soon
with a special offer for swimsuit season...

Keep it real, and see you next week!


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