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What To Do When You Don't Have Support
How To Eat Chocolate



Sorry I missed you last week.  I took some time off to re-charge
after a hectic few months getting my girls ready for dance
competition. They won first place for their tap duo!  Not bad
when you consider they're only six and eight years old.

Also not bad when you consider I don't know the difference between
a rhumba and a cha-cha, and my husband thinks dancing will
automatically cause you to break out in hives!

Last time I was all excited about possibly having a winning ticket
for the $390 MegaMillions drawing.  Guess what?  I didn't win.

However, one lucky couple in their mid-fifties from Cape May, NJ
just came forward to announce they DID.  So did a truck driver in

I posed the question to you, my readers:  what would YOU do if you
won the lottery?  I promised to post responses, and here they are:

I'm still collecting stories (it's fun to dream and they're fun to
read) so feel free to send yours to me at cate AT

I also talked about how weighing yourself every day can be
self-defeating.  I heard this from Christy:

"I have been a little disappointed with myself this week, but your
March 6 digest opened my eyes.  I was still treating this as a diet
and my doctor had recommended that I check the scales daily.  I
have been so focused on losing the weight and feeling guilty about
having something that "I shouldn't have" that I wasn't feeling that
I had made much progress.

The scales go up and down daily and I was beginning to be
frustrated.  After reading your article this morning about your
mom, though, I am ready to begin again and stop acting like this is
a diet.

As a side note, I am noticing more energy and several items of
clothing are feeling a little looser than usual.  I thought this
must be in my head since the scales are not changing much.  Thanks
for the encouragement and the timely information.  It was just what
I needed to continue on.  I was ready to just throw up my hands and
quit.  I'm re-energized now and ready to go again."

If you haven't read it yet and want to hear the story of how I lost
two (now almost three) dress sizes then I have an ** extra special
** offer for you this week!

My friend Tammy of Bizzi2Go Planners has some 2007 inventory she'd
like to clear out, to make room for her 2008 editions.  She will
send you a small planner (worth $19.99) with $3.95 shipping
included if you pick up a copy of "Real People Don't Diet" today
using a special link. 

Get all the details at:

And hurry, because this is only while her supplies last!

Now, on to the articles...


You may remember I mentioned chocolate a few issues back:

The "chocolate strategies" obviously touched a nerve, as readers
wrote in with suggestions for helping chocoholics enjoy their fave
food without packing on the pounds. 

Reader suggestions were in another issue:

Well, I received an amazing "chocolate" story from reader Jan
Luckenbach of Phoenix, AZ.  She's a copywriter and it shows.

I highly doubt you can get through this without your mouth watering
and a side trip to the store for some Dove dark chocolates!

(Note: This is so intense, it should be rated "PG"...)


By far the most popular question I get is:

"What if no one in my house is supportive of how I'm trying to eat?"

This question is loaded with all kinds of issues and connotations,
of course.

But I strongly believe that the eating strategy I put forth in
"Real People Don't Diet" is perfect for this kind of situation.


Because you absolutely don't have to change one single food or
drink you're currently eating.

Now, you may have to cut back on some, or switch some ingredients
for yourself, or add an alternative here and there, but you can fit
your current menus into this eating plan quite nicely.

Nothing spells "failure" faster than telling your significant
other and/or hungry kids that "I'm going on a low-carb diet and
you'll never eat mashed potatoes again" or "No more pizza in THIS

Whether or not your family members *should* eat healthier or lose
weight is another issue entirely.

You cannot make their decisions for them, and you can't change
their attitudes.

What you have to do is use the Real People strategy to protect
yourself against the lack of self-discipline that inevitably arises
in households with ice cream, snack foods and sodas. 

Realize and accept the items you must keep in your pantry to
maintain familial peace.  (Remember, a stressful family life will
lead to overeating, guaranteed.  Fighting about food is

Then, develop strategies that will allow you to co-exist with these
foods, without sabotaging your efforts to eat a bit differently and
lose weight for a lifetime.

I detail some strategies in the book, but suffice it to say, you
will have to examine yourself, know what pushes your buttons, and
then "trick" your brain so you are satisfied to keep it to just two
Oreos instead of two sleeves of Oreos.

Stop asking "What do I do if no one supports me?" and start asking
"How do I do this without them noticing, and surprise them when I'm
suddenly 20 pounds lighter?".

I've seen it over and over again--as soon as you lose weight,
quietly and without making a big fuss, family members will notice
and suddenly "want what you have".

You may find they jump right on board!

(If any of you reading this have faced similar circumstances and
overcome, please send your suggestions to me at cate AT and I'll compile them to help others in
the same situation.)


This from a reader:

"I really appreciate your ideas on not comparing yourself to
others, because everyone is so different in body composition and
should not do the comparison game."

I won't share exactly what size Mollie is, because you will
inevitably compare yourself to her and either feel better or worse.
Let's just say she's not a size 1.

Instead, focus on what she writes..."everyone is so different in
body composition".

You rarely see women over a size 4 or 6 advertising for diet
products, health products, clothing...just about anything
appearance-related.  There are exceptions, but it's rare.  Same for
men--the guys on billboards frolicking with gals on the beach
aren't boasting spare tires or slightly thinning hair. 

As you know, reality is quite different than what we're led to
believe is attractive.  You may be skipping over this section right
now because intellectually, you know this is true and it's been
talked about a lot in today's media.

Just think about it.  If you ate nothing but diet food from
here to eternity, would you ever be a size 2?  If not, then accept
the fact your body just wasn't made to be that small, and rejoice
in the fact that you have a lot LESS weight to lose than you
originally thought!  :-)

I have seen many well-dressed "plus-sized" women that are
stunningly attractive, because they wear clothing and hairstyles
and jewelry that look great for their body type.

When you reach your "normal" weight, focus on the colors and
textures that look great on you, and styles of clothing that will
really accent your best features. 

Don't dwell on what you're "not".  Realize that the skinny girl on
the train next to you is wishing she had your thick, curly hair.
No one is happy with all their features.

The comparison game is a lose-lose proposition, so decide to be
free from it today!


I have a surprise for you coming up soon.

I heard from Mary in South Carolina recently:

"Hi Cate -- Just thought you'd like to know I've lost 15 pounds in
the past 5 weeks!  Now I'm really motivated!"

Fifteen pounds in five weeks!  You do the math!

Mary has agreed to an interview, so I can find out exactly how she
used the Real People method to lose weight, why it continues to
work for her. I'll share the interview with you as soon as we
finish, so watch for that.

Thanks so much for reading.  I know you're busy, and I
appreciate your time.

If I can answer any questions for you, please drop me an
e-mail at cate AT

Keep it Real,

:-)  Cate

P.S.  Don't forget to check out the OTHER book I helped write!

P.P.S.  Please don't miss your chance to get a Bizzi2Go 2007
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