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Use The 80/20 Rule

This week I want to remind you of a principle
that can help you find balance in just about
any area of your life--including your weight.

When I was in college management classes we
learned about the "Pareto Principle".  Yawn.

It's called the "80/20 rule".

Unfortunately, I didn't find it useful until
I was a productive adult and actually had
"stuff" to manage.

Now I apply it to everything, most especially
housework (if 80% of the house is clean, no one
will notice the other 20%!).

You've probably heard it said that 20% of the
employees create 80% of the profits.  20% of
the customers represent 80% of the revenue.
And so on.

How can you apply the 80/20 rule to your
eating habits?


20% of the things you eat affect 80% of your
current weight.  In other words, find the 20%
of the foods you eat or drink that make up 80%
of your weight gain.  Cut out that 20% and you'll
get results.

Example?  A can of soda.  60g of carbs and
goodness only knows how much sugar.  Cut out
that soda entirely and see how it affects your

Pasta three times a week?  Cut it down to once.
See what happens.

Snack cakes?  Bagels?  Donuts?  Ice cream?
Potato chips?  Are they staples in your diet?

Get the most "bang for your buck" and replace
them with just-as-tasty options, or eat them 80%
less often..  See what kind of a difference it

I guess what I'm saying is that traditional
dieters try to change everything.  They feel
they can't eat anything with fat or calories
or carbs.  Bye-bye happiness, hello misery.

I believe "real people" can get similar--or
superior--results by simply changing 20% of
what they eat. 

I'd love to hear what your 20% was!

Write me at cate AT and
I'll feature some answers in a future issue.

In case you're curious...what was my 20% when
I started losing weight?  Soda and pasta,
smoothies and pirogies.

You can get the whole story with my book "Real
People Don't Diet" at:

Keep it real, and see you next week!


Cate Brizzell signature (I co-authored the book) (Just started developing this)

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P.P.S.  There's a new website address for archived issues of this

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