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Let Your Metabolism Work For You, Not Against You

It's not exactly a secret that our metabolism
slows down as we age.

I've heard that our metabolism decreases 10% a
decade.  Since it "sneaks up" on most of us, we
end up with little (or big) "love handles" when we
reach our 40's and 50's.

You can calculate your personal BMR--Basal Metabolic
Rate (calories burned per day if you just lie in bed and
do nothing) at this website:

Just enter your current height, weight and age.

I found out my BMR has decreased about 100 since I
was 21.  That explains why I can't participate in
spaghetti-eating contests any more. 

Most folks deal with decreasing metabolism by trying
to diet. There are lots of reasons why dieting doesn't
work, but one of the major ones is the fact that starving
yourself actually slows down your metabolic rate
even more, turning increasing amounts of your food
into fat stores.

I love stores--clothing stores, bookstores, electronics
stores--but I definitely don't like fat stores!

Exercising speeds up your metabolic rate, of
course, but since eating is something we all
do several times a day, it makes more sense
to make changing eating routines a priority,
getting the most "bang" for your "changing
habits" buck.  Throw in exercise and now
you're getting somewhere.

(See my newsletter from last week where I
talk about making the 80/20 rule work for
you to get the most benefit from small

If you never change your eating habits, you'll
gain more and more fat each year.  So
all you have to do is cut back a bit on those
high-fat and high-carb foods and replace them
with just-as-yummy substitutes. 

Small changes will keep up with your metabolic rate
and help you maintain your weight.

Eat ice cream every night for a snack?  Try
switching to a no-sugar variety, or strawberries
and non-fat whipped cream instead.  Actually,
any fruit with some dark chocolate sauce and
whipped cream tastes yummy!

Cut back on your pasta and starch portions--but
still enjoy them.

The answer simply isn't eating less.  "Real" people
need to eat 5-6 times a day.

It's simply eating a little bit differently!

If you want to find out how I eat, just pick up a
copy of my story:

Keep it real, and see you next week!


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