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Grocery Shop For Less (Money and Weight)

It's a real challenge keeping your grocery bill
reasonable these days.

And I don't care what anyone says, eating healthier
isn't cheaper.  Organic and all-natural foods
definitely cost more.

Still, I can say from personal experience that
eating natural foods not only helps manage weight,
but can drastically improve overall health.  It's
kind of amazing, actually.  You don't realize how
nasty some foods are until you stop eating them
and find out you feel a million times better!

So how do you eat better without spending tons of

Use that good old 80/20 rule!  What are the top
20% of food items you eat most?  Buy organic or
versions.  How to make up for the extra expense?
Don't buy the least-healthy 20% of your grocery list.

Here's an example from my own personal supermarket

Items we use most, need to be natural
--breads (white whole-grain with no corn syrup--rolls,
bagels, loaves)
--milk (no hormones)
--chicken stock (all-natural, no MSG)
--box macaroni and cheese (Kraft organic)
--cereal (all-natural for kids, low-sugar)
--ground turkey instead of beef
--pasta (Barilla whole-grain varieties)
--butter (organic or natural)
--eggs (natural only)-
--deli meat (Oscar Mayer Natural, no nitrites)
--hot dogs (Oscar Mayer Natural, or organic)

Items we cut out entirely
--frozen treats
--microwave popcorn

The rest of our grocery cart is filled with the
usual stuff--condiments, canned tomatoes, cheese,
frozen veggies.  We could buy an organic version of
just about everything, but the cost would be

I find I spend about $200 every 10 days, which is
$600 a month for a family of five.  I'd like to
spend less but we've decided buying certain items
organic is non-negotiable.

Wondering where you find the organic stuff?

The really good news is that there are a lot more
options when it comes to purchasing organic and
natural foods.  You don't have to head to the
corner health food store any more.  Most
supermarket chains now offer natural foods alongside
regular brands.  In fact, one of our local chains
now has their own store-brand "generic" organic line,
at very reasonable prices.

If you're "organizationally challenged" and want a
quick and easy system for getting your grocery
shopping under control, pick up this handy guide by
my virtual friend Lana Dorazio:

Lana and I became friends after I discovered her book,
and now I enjoy hearing from her every so often about
family life and her trips to Sarajevo.

And, of course, you can learn more about "real life"
eating strategies that will help you lose weight from
my own book, "Real People Don't Diet":

Keep it real, and see you next week!


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