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Eat at McDonald's.
Eat a Big Breakfast.
Lose Weight.

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And now, on with the Digest...

I heard two health reports on cable news this
week that are very, very interesting.

First, a man appeared on Good Morning America
and said he'd lost over 80 pounds eating
exclusively at McDonald's.  His wife did the
same and now she's down 40 pounds.  Read more:

He ate wraps, apple dippers (no caramel sauce),
salads, burgers without the bun.  I assume he
didn't drink soda, and the article says he didn't touch any of
those famous fries.  

I chuckled over a doctor interviewed for GMA who said
the man's current diet of 1500 calories a day
was a "starvation" diet.  Here's a guy who was
over 200 pounds, very unhealthy, a candidate for
heart disease and an early death that managed to
lose 80 pounds--and all the doc can do is gripe
that he's eating less than 1500 calories a day?

Sorry, but I think the McD's diet is the lesser
of two evils.

Anyway, this type of thing is exactly what I
talk about in "Real People Don't Diet".

You can eat anywhere and live a normal life while
losing weight--and then maintain it.  I think
this guy's diet at McD's is a bit radical, in
that most people won't be able to resist fries
or a bun on their burger.  Not everyone can eat
at McDonald's every day.  Not everyone can eat
salads everyday.  But there's no reason why
you can't enjoy McDonald's food if you're

Intrigued?  Wait until you hear this next one.

A recent study has shown that eating large
breakfasts with high-carb and high-protein
items helped subjects lose weight, as long as
they ate low-carb and low-calorie the rest of
the day.

No magic here.  The carbs (pancakes,
toast, oatmeal) manage hunger and get the
metabolism going early in the day.  The
protein also helps satiate hunger.  Having
a big breakfast with fruit and syrups and
things like pancakes also seemed to control
the "sweet tooth" cravings throughout the day.

My favorite quote in this article:

"Most weight loss studies have determined that
a very low carbohydrate diet is not a good
method to reduce weight."  Right.  Exactly.

Real people can't eat low-carb forever.  It's
total deprivation.  And it slows down your
metabolism.  Lower carbs?  Sure.  Better
carbs?  Absolutely.  

Sounds to me like it only takes some minor
shifts in eating habits and a policy of
moderation to get some results.  Hmmm...

I'll wrap up today by telling you about
the luscious roast chicken dinner we had
on Saturday.  It was in the 80's but I had
my crock pot bubbling away.  Yup, we ate
a roast dinner with all the fixin's on
our patio, after a busy day watching our
all-star Little Leaguer play ball.

Why not?  Who says crock pots are just
for cool weather?

I made up my own recipe for the chicken
and got tons of compliments.  Here it is:

3-5 lb. roasting chicken
2 tbsp fresh minced garlic
4-5 carrots, peeled
minced onion
1 envelope, Good Seasons Italian mix
1/2 to 2/3 cup water
salt and pepper

Clean chicken and remove innards. Layer
carrots on bottom of crock pot sprayed with
olive oil.  Cut carrots into smaller pieces
if necessary.  Put chicken breast-side up on
carrots.  Sprinkle minced onion, garlic, salt,
pepper and dressing mix over chicken.  Pour
water over chicken, being careful not to wash
away all dry ingredients.  Cook on Low for 7-8

Feeds family of 5-6, but no leftovers!

I served this with whole-wheat stuffing, skim
milk mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli and
steamed corn.  If you enjoy gravy (not too
often, I hope) add some of the liquid from
the crock pot to your favorite premium jar
version of chicken gravy.  It tastes just
like homemade!

That's all for this issue.

Keep it real, and see you next week!


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