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What To Wear (Dress Your Best)


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Last week I ran a sponsor ad for my friend Leo Quinn but made a big
"oopsie" at the end.  I didn't include the link!  Seeing as how we
lived in the same dorm at one point and he's bearing many of my
college-era secrets, this was incredibly foolish of me.  :-)

So, to make amends, I've put the link for his get-out-of-debt
program up above, in "This Week's Sponsor" section.

It's also here:

Apologies to all my readers who were lookin' for that link...and
sorry to you, Leo.  (You can put away the 80's hairdo photos now.)


The latest craze at my house is TLC's top-rated show "What Not To
Wear", hosted by Stacy London and Clinton Kelley.  It's a hoot.  My
favorite episode is the girl who liked to wear fairy wings and
pixie dust.  She was cute, and they eventually got her on the right
track, but my have to be a pretty chipper person to
want to wear wings out in public, no?

Anyway, I picked up Stacy and Clinton's book "Dress Your Best"  at
the public library yesterday.  I'd read reviews on that
said it was helpful for those of all body types, and I wanted to
see whether or not that was truly the case.  Unfortunately, the
book does NOT come with a $5000 pre-loaded VISA card.

I was pleasantly surprised.  The book is very visual, with
photographs of men and women of all shapes and sizes wearing
different types of flattering outfits.  The book is chock-full of
tips on what to wear to make the most of the figure you've got.
And if you want to see Stacy or Clinton in their underwear, the
book's got that, too.

One of their best tips was this:  don't wait to buy new clothes
until you've changed your size.  Buy clothes that fit you well
right now!  You'll look great and feel great, and as your shape
changes, you can adjust your wardrobe accordingly.

I think that's a terrific tip.  Personally, how high or low the
waistband on my jeans/pants goes determines whether or not I have
"love handles".  I was encouraged to read that the same thing
happens to Stacy--and she's a size 4.  It's all about how clothes
are constructed and how they fit on your body.

Another great tip I loved was that we should buy just a few
quality, well-fitting pieces.  If you wear the same pants to work
every Tuesday, and your co-workers are noticing, then in Clinton's
words, "They aren't paying enough attention to their job."  Use a
tailor, or make basic alterations yourself.  Think of all the
closet space you'll save!

Now, there were some outfits in the book that I would never wear in
public--I don't care how much money the show paid me--but there are
plenty of outfits that work for a "real people" lifestyle.  And the
clothing tips fall across all styles, stores, budgets--you get the

So if the book is available at your local library, pick up a copy
and jot down some notes to keep in your purse or glove compartment.
 Follow Stacy and Clinton's rules, find an outfit that makes you
look fabulous, and get on with your real life!

(You can follow the rules of "Real People Don't Diet", too--and
then you'll be able to buy some smaller sizes down the road when
eating real food has actually helped you lose weight...)

Buy "Dress Your Best" from


That's all for this issue.

Keep it real, and see you next week!


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