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Lose Weight Eating On-The-Go


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So I turned 40 last Thursday.  It was a great day.  Totally
on my terms.  Did what I wanted, spent the day with closest
family and friends, visited my favorite places and ate my
favorite foods.

What could be better?

Well, um...turning 29.  ;-)

But I digress...

So I've been busy the last few weeks, traveling around to
all-star games and dance rehearsals and competitions.  One day
we started in Massachusetts, drove through New York to pick
up a child and drop off a child, and ended the day in Vermont,
only to head back over to New York for a day of baseball.  My
head was spinning!  I literally felt disoriented.

So what did we eat during all those road trips and endless
hours in lawn chairs next to concession stands?  And how
much weight did we gain?

Well, we didn't gain weight!  And we didn't eat all that badly,

Here are some tips for "eating on the go" that will help you
maintain your weight as the fall season arrives, and busy schedules
heat up:

**Eat a big, healthy breakfast.  Hotels with breakfast bars
offer healthy alternatives like cereal, fruit, and sometimes eggs.
If you don't have a complimentary breakfast available, invest in a
good sit-down meal.  Fill up.  You'll eat less at lunch and dinner.

**If fast food is your only alternative, lean towards chicken,
skip fries or starches (or share a portion) and avoid sugary
drinks (including soda).  If you like fast food salads, go for it.
If you're like me and you don't, so what?  Lean chicken nuggets
and an unsweetened iced tea are just fine.  Sometimes I get a
nice burger, too.  I just don't eat a ton of fries, or drink soda.

**Try big restaurant salads.  They're usually more than you
can eat, and lately the varieties I've tried are delicious.
They include fruits, nuts and lean meats.  And hey, there's the
occasional fake bacon topping and croutons, too.  Yum!

**Get meals you can wrap and snack on later.  Subs, sandwiches,
or anything that doesn't need to be heated up can make a nice
alternative to heading out and spending money--again.  If you don't
have a fridge in your hotel room, use your trusty cooler (see below).

**Don't avoid the concession stand.  You can always find bottled
water, sunflower seeds, and occasional homecooked goodies (like
the Lions Club stand at a recent tournament we attended). 

**BRING YOUR OWN!  We have it down to a science.  Find the
perfect-sized cooler for seltzers, bottled water and athletic
drinks.  Add fresh fruit, individually wrapped cheeses, small
containers of applesauce--anything you enjoy.  Use a small
amount of ice and lots of those ice pack thingies.  (That way,
if you're spending a few days away from home, your food won't
be soggy.)  Re-use grocery bags by filling them with paper plates,
napkins and plastic silverware.  Store in the back or trunk
of your car.  Finally, keep dry snacks in another grocery bag
within easy reach.  We munched on Fritos, pretzels and nuts
during several rain delays one weekend.  (Final non-food-related tip: 
put a travel package of baby wipes in your glove compartment for
dirty hands, and stash empty grocery bags in your trunk for garbage.)

By bringing our own, we saved a ton of money, stayed hydrated,
ate foods we enjoyed, avoided weight gain and kept our
athlete in tip-top shape. 

**Stay hydrated.  Did I mention staying hydrated?  :-)  If you
drink enough water, you won't get hungry as often.  You'll
feel better and you'll keep all your systems moving, if you know
what I mean.  You'll return from your outings feeling great,
not bloated and overstuffed.

So don't let being "out and about" become an excuse for overeating
and gaining weight.  There IS a way to lose weight without dieting,
no matter how crazy your life gets.


In about a month we head to Myrtle Beach on vacation and I'll
be starting up my "what did Cate eat today?" blog that so many
of you enjoyed last year.

We leave September 27--mark your calendar!

Hey, now that I think of it, that's one great way to eat in moderation
--start a blog detailing what you eat, and send it to friends and family! :-)

That's all for this issue.

Keep it real, and see you next week!


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