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This Reader Made Me Misty


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I'm not normally a "crier", but this reader's recent e-mail
made me very misty.  She picked up a copy of "Real
People Don't Diet" in mid-July and wrote me to tell
how it's changed her life:

   In the course of my life (all 56 years of it) I have gained and
lost over 500 pounds.  You can imagine my skepticism when I read
about "Real People Don' Diet".  Lately, because of my hormones, and
my age, and not exercising, and eating the wrong things...and on
and on ad-nauseum...I had only gained.  Seemed to me that losing
any weight was going to be a thing of the past and I had just about
given up.  But I decided to try "one more time" because I was
terrified of getting diabetes. Trust me I've been on some of the
best diets and when I was younger I lost a lot of weight but was
never able to keep it off.
   Now I'm going to tell you something.  I knew if I made a
production out of this it wouldn't work for me.  So this is what I
did.  I took the basics and made it simpler...Just little things
that I can manage.  No figuring, no worrying, no major big deals.
And I have lost 10 pounds.  I have 40 more to go but it's a
wonderful start and so simple.  For the 1st time I feel like I have
control and it's working.
     Thank you so much for this simple life strategy.  It really is
so simple and the beauty of it is that it works and is doable for a
life time.  God bless and thanks for giving me hope."

This reader really "gets" what "Real People Don't Diet" is all
about!  I am so proud of her, and I am totally confident she'll
eventually reach her goal. 

I completely understand why some are skeptical of "Real People
Don't Diet" at first.  I've never read a book or seen a TV clip
or viewed an ad for any "weight loss" product that didn't involve
giving up foods you love or taking weird pills, all promised to make
you lose weight quickly and painlessly.  One  option seems overwhelmingly depressing, the other too good to be true.

And they both are.

Which is why Chris and I developed a very simple strategy to
lose weight that fits in with our busy life, regardless of
when, where or what we're eating--or who's doing the cooking.

If you decide to stop dieting forever and try "Real People
Don't Diet" for yourself, please promise me that you'll take a
minute to re-read the email above.  And promise me that you'll
also do the following:

Completely set aside past failures.  Convince yourself that
RPDD isn't a diet and that you will, in fact, never diet again! 
Instead, you will make small changes at every meal.  You won't
expect to lose weight quickly, but instead, you'll expect to
lose weight steadily and gradually.  You won't gain it back.
You'll monitor your weight by how your clothes fit, not by the
scale (in fact, we don't own a scale).  You'll enjoy what you
eat at every meal and you won't feel guilty.

If you can do that, you'll succeed. 

Ready?  Go here to pick up your own copy:

And, food issues aside, I just want to say that knowing
something I did or said or wrote gave someone else joy and
hope is one of the most rewarding things I've ever experienced.
If you have the opportunity to share expertise or skills that will
help others, find a way to do it!


The "What I Ate On Vacation" blog, live from North Myrtle Beach,
is just 3 weeks away!  BUT the Carolinas are currently being
threatened by a storm named Hanna.  Please pray that Hanna won't
impact Myrtle Beach (or anywhere else, for that matter), else
that blog will be chock-full of whining and complaining by
yours truly!

That's all for this issue.

Keep it real, and see you next week!


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