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Another Touching Story From A Reader, and...
Do You Have The Fat Gene?

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Before I get into the whole "fat gene" story, I hope you'll
indulge me and let me share one more story that came in after I published last week's newsletter.  (If you didn't get it or didn't read it,
you can find it here:

I heard from Genny Jackman, who read "Real People
Don't Diet" back in March:

I just read the e- mail that made you misty-eyed - well
it did me as well, which prompted me to send this to you.
In a span of two years I lost my husband, mother and
had to have my two beloved shelties put down.  Needless
to say I felt so lost. I set out to lose about 20-30 lbs,
so without much enthusiasm (I'm being honest) I tried your
diet, no, make that your eating plan.  I'm so pleased to say
and feel so blessed to report - mission accomplished.

Oh, by the way I'm 73, teach in a correctional institution,
volunteer and still mow my own lawn, and have meet a wonderful
man who just happens to be a minister, so I've made him my
personal spiritual leader and we eat together keeping within the
guidelines you provided.  He said "this must be heaven sent - it's
not a diet it - it's a live it". I most certainly agree.
Thank you Cate. Things are looking brighter again.
Be blessed today and everyday.
Genny Jackman"

Way to go, Genny!  Just goes to prove anyone can lose weight,
no matter what they're facing.  And as an aside, it was helpful
to be reminded that medications can certainly contribute to
weight gain, so those of you struggling with that issue may
be encouraged by Genny's story.

I also love the comment:  "it's not a diet, it's a live-it".  I think I'll
get it trademarked!

I wrote Genny back and asked her to give me some examples of
how she used "Real People Don't Diet" to lose 20-30 lbs. She
replied with great information.  I do this every time someone writes
in with a success story, and now I've compiled a new chapter
for "Real People Don't Diet" filled with testimonials and "how I did
it" tidbits.  As soon as the new, updated 2009 edition is available,
those of you who have already purchased the book will be the first
to get a copy, with this new chapter included.  It's very inspiring!

Get a copy now:

Thanks again for sharing, Genny.

And now, on to the story about the "fat gene"...

Today there's a report on the news wires that discusses
the results of a weight-loss study done on Amish folks.  Why
Amish folks?  Apparently, 30% of people of European descent
have some sort of "fat gene" called FTO that causes them to be
overweight or obese.,2933,419162,00.html

Okay, so I never knew a "fat gene" existed!  It
certainly helps explain why there are some people who
can never be "skinny" no matter how hard they think they
need to try.  (Just another reason to not be obsessed
with body types.)

How to combat the fat gene?  According to the study:
"moderate activity".  Moderate activity?  As measured by
Amish people?  I mean, come on, I love the Amish (and enjoy
Beverly Lewis novels quite a bit), but I don't think I could give
up my dishwasher or washing machine or vacuum cleaner, grow
all my own food and make my own clothes, just to lose  a few pounds!

So what is moderate activity?  Well, the study defines it as:
housecleaning, gardening, brisk walking.  Now you're talking.
That's "real life".  (Although I've now transferred most of these
duties to my three kids, so unless you call "chores supervision"
moderate activity, I'm in trouble.)

It's also interesting that the study notes that people who
don't have the fat gene still need physical activity to stay healthy.
However, for people that DO have the fat gene, physical activity
is mandatory in order to keep weight down.

So the real challenge, as always, is how to fit exercise
into a "real life", especially if it isn't something you
particularly enjoy, or you don't have a lot of time or money
to join a gym or do something structured.

I'm thinking some brisk walks or fast-paced
window-shopping at the mall during wintertime are good
solutions for me, whether or not I have the fat gene (don't
think I do).  I'll probably buy a pedometer and figure out
how much activity I get during a typical day.

So, how can you fit moderate physical activity into your life as
painlessly and effortlessly as possible?  Think of it
this way:  if "Real People Don't Diet", then "Real
People Don't Exercise".  Instead, they have a real life with
real "moderate physical activity".  If you know you need to
be more active, find one thing you can start doing or do more often,
then get started today. 

Let me know what you come up with.

Keep it real, and see you next week!


Cate Brizzell signature

P.S.  Only sixteen more days until the "What I Ate While On Vacation" blog
starts up!  And hey, thanks to Tropical Storm Hanna for not damaging
Myrtle Beach as much as it could have.  Whew.  The house on the beach
still stands.


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