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Vacation Blog 2009 Up and Running
Fast and Easy Veggie Side Dish


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It's almost here!  Our vacation starts Thursday.  We'll be
driving down the East Coast all Thursday night, and it's
looking like it'll be a fairly soggy trip.  But not to worry!
The beach will be sunny and dry and waiting for us by
Saturday.  Chair game, here we come!

Last year I kept a daily blog sharing the "good, the bad
and the ugly" when it came to what I ate and drank each day while
on vacation.  The purpose was to show you, my faithful
readers, that it it's more than possible to go on vacation,
have fun and not gain weight (or maybe even lose weight)!

It was unbelievably popular with you all, judging by the hits
I received, so I'm going to do it again this year, as promised.  
You'll want to bookmark the blog and check each day to see how
I'm doing.  There may even be some fun pictures (or two)!  (But
no speedos.  Yikes.)  And you'll find out what the chair game is, if
you don't already know.
The blog address is:

I'll send a couple reminders out via e-mail to let you know when I've
updated the blog.

This year we have two beach houses full of family and friends (who will
be given special code names to maintain privacy) which means there will be
even more food and fun to go around.  :-)

Last night I came up with a great way to get raw, fresh veggies
on the table without having to take the time to make up a big
salad.  I was babysitting my friend's daughters and had my own
family to feed as well.  Veggies can get tricky when there are five kids

I took whole baby carrots and sliced cucumbers and tomatoes, then
tossed them in a bowl with just a splash of zesty Italian
dressing.  Fast, easy and delicious!  The kids ate it up, and
best of all, it was easy for them to "pick out" only the
veggies they wanted.  They had a choice--which pleased them--but
they had to eat at least one veggie overall--which pleased
me.  Some kids even ate all three veggies together.  Gasp!
You could sprinkle parmesan cheese on top for a more "grown-up"
touch, if you wanted.  Cool, crunchy and the perfect side for the
beef-and-noodle casserole I was serving.  Try it.


I may be stretching my own summer out a bit, but the first day of
autumn has now come and gone, and chances are you're looking
ahead to the holiday season and 2009.  Have you bought your
2009 planner or calendar yet?

If not, give the Bizzi2Go planner a try!  I mentioned it in a
newsletter last year and quite a few of you purchased one, with
happy results, from the feedback I received.

The planner was designed by a dear friend and neighbor of mine,
Tammy Matthews.  (Her daughter gives my girls piano lessons, and
we dogsit for their little pooch Greta, whom we looooove.)

Tammy's planner has a fold-out design with big squares that lets
you keep notes and lists and numbers and everything else you
need right on your planner pages.  There are neat little pockets
and note pages that I use all the time.  And the planner is
sized just right for medium-to-large purses, especially those
great hobo bags that are all the rage this year.

This is the best time to get your 2009 edition, because if you
order now, Tammy will throw in a 2008 planner.  It'll help you
"practice" how to use the planner so you'll be good to go when
January 1 rolls around.  

Go here to order:

Tell Tammy I sent you.  And please note--I receive no compensation
for telling you about this.  This isn't an ad.  Yes, I'm doing a
favor for Tammy, but I really, really love and use this planner
and I think you will, too.

Plus, my dad uses one.  He's 68, works part-time and is a military
guy.  So it really works for everyone.  Not just moms or "bizzi"


Keep it real, and see you next week!


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