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Vacation Food Diary
Letting The Bedbugs Bite

This will be short today, as we're officially on vacation!

As I write this, everyone's out on the porch watching the dolphins go
up and down the beach.

The chair game was played yesterday, with just four of the ten of us
left as the waves came crashing in.  Instead of one winner, all four
of us were toppled over by one wave.  That means we have to continue
the game another day!

On the downside, we discovered BEDBUGS last night.  I've never
experienced them before and they seemed to think I was a tasty specimen.  GROSS!!  Thankfully, the kids' bedroom wasn't affected.

So, instead of doing the beach today, I'm doing loads and loads of
laundry.  Tomorrow we'll stay out all day while the pest control company
takes care of things.  

I guess you never know what to expect.  This isn't a fleabag's
an expensive home on the beach.  

We're trying to keep our chins up and not let it ruin our good time!

So anyway...

Check out my vacation food diary/blog.  I guarantee it doesn't look like
a diet!

I'm updating the blog every day so keep checking back.  (Bedbug updates, too. )

Keep it real, and see you next week!


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