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Vacation 2008 Pics
Comfort Foods


**Official Secret Restaurant Recipes**

If your home budget seems a bit squeezed lately--and whose
isn't?--chances are you haven't been able to enjoy eating out as
much as you'd like.  Now, you can cook all your  favorite
restaurant recipes at home, for a fraction of the cost!

Make popular dishes from popular fast-food and chain restaurants.
Surprise your family.  Amaze your friends.  Feed your cravings and
tip yourself!

P.S.  From Cate--The best part about cooking restaurant recipes at
home?  You can apply my "Real People Don't Diet" strategy to each
dish.  Customize your recipes and lose weight while you "dine out"
at home.  Get the best of both worlds!
Thanks to all who visited my vacation food diary at:
Check out what I ate and drank--it sure isn't the stuff of "diets". 
If you want proof that I exist, you can go here to check out some
photos from all the beach and family fun:
You'll see pictures of the chair game, a gorgeous sunrise, and yes,
one picture of me in a bathing suit (very carefully chosen, to be sure).
Well, if this isn't a time for comfort food, I don't know what is! 
Cooler weather has arrived (and what a shock for us, returning to the
Northeast after 10 days in much warmer South Carolina).
The economic news isn't good and many folks are stressed about their
financial situation.
The election is nearly here and regardless of where you stand or how you'll
vote, you have to admit the incessant talk on the news and cable channels is full of a whole lot of negativity.
So what to do?  Get together with the family, slow down the schedule, and pull out some of those warm, comforting recipes that make you and your belly feel full and happy.  
Do comfort foods go hand-in-hand with winter weight gain?  Not necessarily. Many comfort foods aren't inherently fattening or non-nutritious.  Those that are can be changed just a bit in order to become much more weight-friendly. And best of all, you can avoid comfort food weight gain through simple portion control, or side dish and beverage choices.
Want more details?  Read my book and personal story:  "Real People
Don't Diet".  Get it here:
Another great thing about comfort foods is that they're usually created with very inexpensive ingredients.  Casseroles and skillet meals can be doubled or tripled and stored in the freezer for quick dinners on cold nights.  Slow-cooked meals make it possible to deliver home-cooked goodness just about every night of the week, no matter what your schedule looks like.  
If you're at a loss as to what comfort food looks like, or you're interested in trying out some new recipes, here are some good websites I've come across that may give you some ideas.  
(for nutrition information on Campbell's soups, go here:
I've mentioned these before, but my Gooseberry Patch cookbooks have
hundreds of comfort-food recipes that are easy to prepare. (click on the "Cookbooks" tab)
Enjoy these recipes, maybe during a family night complete with
movies, board games or other cozy activities.  You'll be amazed at
what it does for your blood pressure.  
Happy Fall, and remember to stay positive!

Keep it real, and see you next week!


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