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Cate's Top 10 Stressbusters

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Stressed out?  Stock market got you down?  Worried about the future?
I'm a generally optimistic person, so times like this don't really affect me all
that much.  I try not to worry about things I can't control.
But sometimes the bad news really adds up.  Throw in some personal stress--work, family, health--and it won't take much to really ratchet up the tension.
Typical signs of stress are listlessness, headache, fatigue, irritability, insomnia, indigestion, and so on.  (I think most of us know when we've reached our limit.)  Unfortunately, there are some hidden effects as well, such as a suppressed immune system and onset of depression, which can lead to much more serious health problems if not dealt with.
So rather than let stress get the best of you, try a few simple strategies for keeping it under control.  Here are a few I try to use in my own life, including super-foods you can eat that will not only keep you trim but help settle yourself down as well.

Cate's Stress-Busting Top 10
1.  Ask yourself:  "What's bothering me?"  Make a list.  Write down everything.  Then highlight all the things you can actually control or do something about.  The other items?  Cross them out.  You can't do anything about them.  Stop thinking about it.  (You'll be surprised how the simple act of writing them down and then crossing them out will achieve powerful results when it comes to letting those things go.  This works especially well if you're a visual person.)
2.  Begin (or increase) personal time/devotional time.  I personally practice a devotional time each morning, and it makes a huge difference in my day.  Take time to get quiet, settle down, and focus on your priorities.  Your day will fall into order.
3.  Don't overuse stimulants or depressants.  In other words, don't load up on more coffee and don't abuse alcohol.  It'll only make you feel worse!  One cup of coffee makes me feel warm and toasty and slightly peppy.  Two or three cups make me frenetic!  Stick to water if you really want to keep your stress under control.
4.  Think comfort.  Enjoy comfort foods in moderation.  Make them a treat to soothe your soul.  Plan comforting meals and surround yourself with comforting music, favorite movies, and of course, family and friends.  Curl up in cozy blankets and overdose on sentimentality.  You'll probably find yourself realizing that you're pretty content with the simple things in life.  Stress will fly away.
5.  Stock up on stress "super-foods":
--beef (because of iron and B vitamins)
--skim milk
--cottage cheese and fruit
--blueberries (especially on a cheesecake...Cate's idea)
6.  Jigsaw puzzles!  Yes, these work miracles.  Start a puzzle on a table in an out-of-the way area.  Whenever stress strikes, head over to the puzzle and work on it for a bit.  The magic number for me seems to be 10-15 minutes.
7.  Help others.  A great way to get your focus off your own problems is to realize that everyone has problems--and some folks might be a tad worse off than you are.  You have compassion, gifts, talents and abilities that can really help a friend or stranger get through a tough time.  Share those gifts, and you'll be amazed at how much better you feel.  Another bonus:  when you give, you get. Someone will come along to help you, probably when you least expect it, probably when you're really stressed.  Get your thoughts off you--you'll be happier!
8.   Turn off the TV.  I am more and more convinced that there's very little uplifting content on the tube these days. If you're going to watch TV, make sure it's something that makes you belly laugh.  Otherwise, pop in a movie you love or read a book!  TV is full of death, violence, bad news and people yelling at each other.  Talk about stress!  Who needs the negativity? Besides, if I see one more weird bathtub commercial for you-know-what, I'm going to throw up.
9.  Get physical.  Do yard work.  Clean out the closet.  Walk around the block.  Heck, pop in an old Richard Simmons tape and exercise/laugh at the same time!  It's always hard to get going when you're stressed or feeling overwhelmed or maybe even a little depressed, but once you get moving, it feels soooo good.  
10.  Laugh, laugh, laugh.  I've already mentioned this a bit but making a
concerted effort to belly laugh each day really helps.  How can you be stressed when you're ROTFLOL? .  We watch old home movies and re-tell family jokes. If you have little kids at home it's not too tough to get them going--tickling always works great!  Buy some great comedy riffs on iTunes, or watch Funniest Home Videos.  Crank up funny videos on YouTube.  Ask your friends or co-workers to relive their most embarrassing moments with you over lunch.  Do whatever it takes to laugh until you cry.  Studies show you release a certain hormone when you laugh
that calms you down.  It's powerful stuff.
That's all for this issue. 
I hope one or more of my personal stress-busters takes you to a happy place. :-)
Keep it real, and see you next week!


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