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My sister-in-law forwarded a very interesting website to me the other day.
It's a mini-site off the main Men's Health Magazine site called "Eat This,
Not That" and is based on the editor's best-selling book of the same name.
It's an interesting concept, and it's somewhat parallel to the system I 
developed and wrote about in "Real People Don't Diet". Swap good
foods for bad foods and you'll lose weight. 
The site also gives you great tips on finding foods that are better for you--less fats, whole grains, and more--without having to read all the labels and do the research yourself.
The ONLY quibble I have with what I see on the site is that you still
have to rely on the book or website to get the information you need to make the right food choices.  It still has that "diet" feel.  For most people, it's just too difficult and too much time/work to incorporate into their daily lives.  I wrote "Real People Don't Diet" to show how you can circumvent your natural desire to avoid deprivation because I think the greatest impediment to losing weight is psychological.  We all know, deep down inside, that if it's not easy or natural or something we can adopt for a lifetime, we won't lose weight and we won't keep it off.  (If we could, then the rate of obesity would be dropping, not rising.)  Anyway...
I think this site, used in combination with the "Real People Don't Diet" strategy, is powerful for changing bad eating habits.  Why?  Because it gives you information on REAL food.
Instead of saying "don't eat cheeseburgers", it tells you which one is best.  
FINALLY!  Someone who gets the fact that most Americans can't stay out of fast-food joints forever!
So use this site to check the foods you're eating and make crib notes to take to your your favorite restaurants, parties, holiday gatherings, etc. But don't forget to use it in conjunction with the "Real People Don't Diet" strategy, because that's about as easy as it gets.
And in case you aren't convinced, read our latest testimonial, about halfway down this page:
It's a quick issue this time.  Lots to do here in upstate New York.
Keep it real, and see you next week!


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