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Easy Way To Lose Weight?  Eat Fritos and Go To Bed!

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This is a really exciting week here at my house.  Tomorrow is my 14th
anniversary AND the due date of my younger brother's baby.  I have my 
bag all packed and ready to go, as I get to be the "official photographer" of the big event.  (And a very discreet one, too, I should add.) 

Guess which snack I packed?  If you've read "Real People Don't Diet", then you know it's Fritos!  I eat Fritos nearly every day and still remain svelte (what does that really mean, almost sounds like a James Bond nemesis, doesn't it?  But I digress...)
My kids happened to be at grandma's house on Sunday and caught a TV show that showed how Fritos are made.  It got me curious, so I did a quick Google search and found this site on "The Birth of Fritos":
Just in case you ever wondered...

Let's get into the meat of today's newsletter.  Are you dieting and still struggling to lose weight?  Are you experiencing general poor health and wondering why nothing's working?
Well, it appears that getting less than 7.5 hours of sleep a night may have a really detrimental affect on your overall health, let alone weight.
A Japanese study of 1200 adults with high blood pressure showed that those who got less than 7.5 hours of sleep a night were 68% more likely to have a heart attack, stroke or death from cardiac arrest. Here's the link:

Funny how the magic number is 7.5 hours...not 7, or around 7.  Seven-and-a-half hours of sleep or more is what you need if you want to lose weight and stay healthy.
Wow.  68% more likely.  All because of sleep.  That's sobering. 
If sleep is that powerful, how does it affect your ability to lose--or gain--weight?
According to this article at, sleep does two things:
  1. Makes you feel hungry even if you are full. Sleep loss has been shown to affect the secretion of cortisol, a hormone that regulates appetite. As a result, individuals who lose sleep may continue to feel hungry despite adequate food intake.

  2. Increases fat storage. Sleep loss may interfere with the body's ability to metabolize carbohydrates, which leads to high levels of blood sugar. Excess blood sugar promotes the overproduction of insulin, which can lead to the storage of body fat and insulin resistance, a critical step into the development of diabetes.
The article on the Japanese study notes that lack of sleep has been linked to diabetes and obesity.
Does getting more sleep seem impossible to you? 
It used to be impossible for me.  My bedtime had been 11 p.m. for as long as I could remember, no matter what my family life or professional life looked like. This year I decided to start getting up at 5 a.m. to work and have quiet time.  I changed my bedtime to 8:30 a.m. and aimed to be asleep by 9 p.m. each night.  I don't always achieve that, but I'm usually asleep by 9:30 p.m.

I don't care what's on TV.  I don't find anything worth watching, anyway.  I always have one good book I'm reading, and that's my time to read it.  Just like our "Real People Don't Diet" strategy, I try to "trick" myself into desiring to do the healthy thing because I want to, not because I have to.  You can do the same thing.  What's an activity you enjoy that you can set aside at a certain time each night?  Figure it out, and change your habit.  It only took me about 10 days to get into a rhythm.  
And don't forget my recent newsletter that highlighted a study showing how exchanging three sugary drinks a day for three glasses of water led to an extra weight loss of 5 pounds a year.

So if you find it hard to eat right, but think you can manage to sleep and drink water, give these two strategies a try:  7.5 hours of sleep a night and 3 more glasses of water.
See if you don't get results.

On a final and lighter note, here's something to make you chuckle.  You'll never look at your EVOO the same way again.

Keep it real, and see you next week!


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