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The 2009 Edition Of "Real People Don't Diet" Is Here!

It's finally here!  The 2009 version of "Real People Don't Diet" has been
finished and uploaded, despite the Great Ice Storm of 2008 here in the
Go here to grab your copy:
What's changed in the 2009 version?
**Updates to "Real People Don't Diet"--I took a red pen and went
crazy, adding and deleting based on our last two years' experience
continuing to eat the RPDD way.  The 90-page book offers new ideas,
new tips, new links--and more!
**Updates to all Bonus Books--The 2009 bonuses continue to help you
learn how to lose weight while on vacation, eating out or celebrating
**NEW BONUS!--"Real People Don't Diet" Recipes--Includes recipes
right from my kitchen.  See the drinks, appetizers, breakfasts, soups and
stews, main dishes, veggies, desserts and snacks I serve up for my family.
**NEW BONUS!--"Real People Don't Diet" Success Stories-- A
selection of success stories submitted by "real people" just like you over
the last two years.  Get inspired!
**Appendix featuring great RPDD resources, including books and
Just this week, I heard from  Sharon in mid-Michigan, who wrote to say:
"I'm doing very well.  My scale is starting to show loss, yeh!  I can't believe how easy this is to follow, it is a total mind-set.  I really do eat what I want, but in smaller portions, so I am not giving up anything except that horrible full feeling I used to get which made me feel horribly guilty. I'm especially excited how easy it has been during the holiday times.I'm in the 150's now, and for me that has always been a "feel good weight". My clothes are fitting much better and people are starting to notice, but
I'm continuing not to tell anybody yet about my secret, it is so fun that way.  I have energy again- yeh! so daily exercise is going on, unless I'm on call.  Again I believe I'm more fun to be around, and really isn't that what it is all about?  Thanks again for everything.  Looking forward to the new year, and I DON'T HAVE TO START A DIET, YEAH!"
Pick up the 2009 edition of "Real People Don't Diet" and you'll be just as
happy as Sharon that you can start 2009 without a resolution to start
I've been serving up more comfort foods lately, it seems, probably
because of the cold weather and approaching holidays.  That means more
dishes with pasta and potatoes.
So how do I keep from stuffing myself? Here's a tip:
Veggies or salad take up 2/3 of my plate.  Comfort food is just 1/3.
Use those proportions no matter how big your plate is, and you won't push
back from the table ready for a nap! 
2009 is nearly upon us, so I just wanted to remind you that my friend
Tammy's Bizzi2Go 2009 planners are ready to go and flying off the
shelves!  (I know, because I packed orders for her last week while she was on vacation...someplace warm...far away from the ice and snow we had here...but I digress, and I hope I'm not sounding bitter...)
Tammy's planners are great because they feature fold-out pages, so your
planner isn't huge in your purse or briefcase but you end up with twice as
much room to write down your schedule.  Ingenius!  She designed it at her
kitchen table.  I know--I've been there!
Go here to get your 2009 planners:
No kickbacks for me--just want to spread the word, because I'm a big fan.
Enjoy the updated "Real People Don't Diet" and please let me know what
you think!
Keep it real, and see you next week!


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