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Why I Couldn't Walk Down The Stairs This Morning...


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I'm sure the reason why I had a hard time getting down the stairs this
morning is the same as that of millions of people making good
on a New Year's resolution...
I started exercising on Monday. 

I had purchased Jillian Michaels' "30-Day Shred" DVD over the
holidays and started doing it with the kids three mornings a week,
as gym class.  (We homeschool.)
We started Monday.  Even the kids, who are pretty active, are whining
about some sore muscles.  Still, I'm a lot worse off than they are!
Why did I start exercising?  Not because I need to lose weight.  I'm
already maintaining a healthy weight, thanks to the strategy in "Real
People Don't Diet".
I began exercising because I can start to feel my body aging (I'm now
on the other side of 40, in case you missed the drama of this past
August--my birthday.)
I know it's good for me, in so many ways.  I know I'll have more energy,
handle stress better, sleep better, fight off osteoporosis, improve my
joint function, and on and on and on.
But I also know I don't LIKE to work out.  Kind of like dieting.
So I decided to apply a "Real People" approach to exercising.  I used
a strategy that will greatly enhance my chances for stick-to-it-ive-ness
and success.
I'm "tricking" myself into following through.  I'm finding a way to make it not only fit with my "real" life, but enhance it, so that I actually WANT to work out.
First, I'm making myself accountable by involving my kids.  When I tell
them we're going to do something as part of school and put it on the
schedule, I have to follow through.
Second, I made it easy to fit into my schedule.  It's a DVD, and I can
play it on my laptop while all four of us follow along.  The routine is only
20 minutes long, and I did my reviewers say
it may be short, but it's packed with results.  Ask me to leave home or
spend more than half an hour working out, and I'm not going to be able
to do it consistently.  I eliminated that excuse.
Third, I chose a routine that meets all the major exercise requirements
for myself and the kids:  cardio, strength training and some ab work for
core strength.  I like dancing and all that, but I don't have the time, space, materials or capability to do different types of exercises every day of the week.
Finally, I needed someone to guide me through it.  I don't want to plan
a workout myself.  This Jillian Michaels is one tough cookie. (I think she's
one of the trainers on the TV show "Biggest Loser").  By the end of our
first stab at the DVD one of my daughters was saying, "She's mean!"
And that's a good thing!  She really wasn't horrible, but she also wasn't
all "feel good about yourself".  Michaels is to-the-point:  if you want to
look and feel better, you need to work at it.  Period.  "If 400-pound
people can do regular jumping jacks, so can you."  Yikes. 
So we did the DVD on Monday, and I woke up sore on Tuesday. I hurt
in all the right places:  chest, back, arms, thighs, abs.  Today?  Holy
moley!  And I have to do the DVD again in about 2 hours!  :-)
If you're starting a New Year's resolution to exercise, do yourself a favor
and carefully think about a strategy.  Do everything you can to make it
easy to stick with, enjoyable, and rewarding.  Don't compare yourself
to what others are doing.  Do what you can do, and do a little bit each
day or week until you start to see results.  If you have a cycle of stopping
and starting, figure out what makes you stop, and build in safeguards
to keep it from happening again.
In case you're interested, you can buy/read reviews of the "30-Day
Shred" at by going here:

Jillian Michaels:  30-Day Shred
And a quick little tip:  if you're looking for light hand weights, don't get
clever and think 15-oz. cans of diced tomatoes are great for kids who
should probably start with 1-pounders.  The cans tend to fly out of their
hands when they're doing flys.
I'm just sayin'...
I'd like to thank everyone who wrote me after my special e-mail on
using SiteBuildIt! to start your own website--and business--as part
of a "getting more financially secure" strategy that we all need to be
following, given the current economic climate.
It was neat to find out so many of you already have SBI! sites!
Although I wrote the e-mail to let you know about a 2-for-1 special
SBI! was having through January 5, it's not too late to start your own
website (or business).  They're always a great deal--been around for
years--and still what I consider to be absolutely the finest, easiest,
most helpful, most fun (the forums are really active) way to dip your
toe into business on the web.
Any time you're interested in having your own internet business just
I hope your 2009 is off to a fabulous start!
If you've come up with ways to add exercise to your "real" life successfully
write me at cate AT and let me know what they
are.  I'd love to pass them on.
Keep it real, and see you next week!


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