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I Can Walk AGain!

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Greetings from the frozen tundra of...UPSTATE NEW YORK!
Whoa Nelly, it's cold outside.  I'm sure many of you are bemoaning
the freezing temperatures where you are, so here are some strategies
I'm employing to keep warm that you might find helpful as well:
--send oldest child (a.k.a. "remote starter") out to start my car 10 minutes before we go anywhere
--have husband (a.k.a. "firestarter") get woodstove going before he heads
to work
--pay furnace guy $400 to fix boiler that died just days ago
--use crock pot to make soup, stew and pot roast (see my recipe booklet
in the 2009 edition of "Real People Don't Diet")
--crank up the heat when "firestarter" isn't looking (I know you read this,
honey, so ha ha--just kidding)
--cancel all appointments and stay inside
--try to have a good attitude and remember that "this, too, shall pass"
Well, we're now into Week 2 of "The 30-Day Shred", and I can finally walk
up and down the stairs pain-free.  I can also do the workout pain-free.  It
must be an effective workout because I'm already seeing results.  The kids
are liking it, too, but I do have to keep an eye on them and stop fairly
frequently to correct their form.
A good pointer for us all:  if we aren't using proper form when working out,
not only can we get hurt, but we won't reap the benefits of exercise.  If
you're going to put the time in to work out, do yourself a favor and pay
attention to form!  Do it right and get results.
On a side note, have you noticed all those Jillian Michaels pop-up ads on
popular websites?  It's unsettling to me.  I see her on my DVD and try to
avoid murderous thoughts...and then suddenly her face is popping up 
everywhere on my laptop.  Yikes.
Do you have your 2009 calendar all set?  Do you have a handy planner to
carry everywhere you go?
If not, I have a great planner just perfect for you!  If you've been a reader for any length of time you've heard me mention my friend Tammy Matthews' "Bizzi2Go" planners that she designed at her kitchen table a couple years ago and now sells online.  
I have mine--in a cheerful red--and it's already filled up with appointments, as usual.  (And I know there are other terrific colors, because I shipped planners for Tammy back in December when she and family were on a well-deserved vacation.)
Tammy is currently running a special where you get your planner on sale for $21.99 PLUS a complimentary e-book called "Craft-Happy Kids".  If you
don't have kids, I'm sure you can pass it on to someone.
Tammy's planners were recently reviewed by and given a big
Get your planner today at and tell Tammy I sent you.
Guess what I'm cooking tonight?
Lentil soup in the crock pot.  Yes, I got another Gooseberry Patch cookbook for Christmas!  This one is called "Super-Fast Slow Cooking", and it's awesome.
Check it out on Amazon:
All the meals have just a handful of ingredients, so they ARE fast and easy.  I was at my mom's recently and she was trying the Lentil Stew.  It smelled so good I decided to do it myself, and now have it simmering for dinner.  This stew fits right in with the RPDD eating strategy, so while I enjoy a hot, filling meal later on, I'll be helping myself lose weight.
Let me close by sharing a link to my new "favorite" place in town.  It's a coffee shop that opened right around the corner.  I was just there with the kids yesterday.  They have fabulous coffee and food, and terrific service with a smile.  Everything they do is top-notch--a lesson for all of us in business.
I met my friend Leo Quinn there for lattes last week.  Many of you know him through his newsletters, but in case you don't, here's his website and helpful e-book on how to stay out of debt:
Until next week--keep it real!

Warmly (and I mean that in more ways than one),

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