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Mmmm...I am warm and toasty and enjoying a cup of southern pecan
coffee.  How about you?  Sometimes it's the little things that make life
bearable, especially lately.
One of the "little things" that totally makes my day is when a "Real
People Don't Diet" reader contacts me with a success story.  I just
can't explain how great that makes me feel!  I am so happy for them!
The latest came from Sharon in mid-Michigan, who wrote me on January
"Always love your e-mails--just heads up--I'm down 12 pounds since
starting--Nov 20, 2008 was my start date.  I FEEL GREAT.  Clothes are
fitting, AND I'M EATING.  A few years back I fasted, just to see if I could
do it, I fasted for 5 days (clear liquids only).  Oh, I lost weight, 12 pounds
to be exact, but I gained it back plus some in just a few days.  
I just want to thank you for this valuable info.  This has changed my life, and
my way of thinking.  I never will diet again.  I'm enjoying food again.  Food
used to control my life, now I'm in control of my life and enjoying it so.  
--Sharon in mid-Michigan
So...Sharon lost the same amount of weight using the RPDD strategy that
she did by fasting 5 days straight, clear liquids only.  Hmmm.  Eating versus clear liquids.  Which sounds better to YOU?
Get your copy of the 2009 edition here:
Are you a "Type A" personality?  
My friend Leo sent me a link (via one of his readers) that lets you keep a daily food journal (for free).  It's way cool!
You enter what you eat and when you eat it.  The site automatically calculates calories, fat, carbs, etc.  You can also track your physical activity to see how many calories you burn.  Finally, you can keep a little journal of how you're "feeling", which is perfect for noting when those clothes begin to feel a little looser.
While I don't believe in dieting or strict plans or making life more complicated than it has to be, if you're a "type A" person, this can be very motivating.  You do have to sign up for a free account to get started.
Speaking of my friend Leo...
Are you discouraged by the stock market going down?  By the economic
chaos that seems to reign?  I'm sure you've been inundated by all the
"experts" telling you what you should do to protect yourself.  Most of us
are certainly regretting some financial decisions we made when things
were better.
Well, an easy way to take control and reduce stress is to take some simple steps each day to make yourself more financially secure.  You can't undo all the damage instantly.  Andyou can't protect yourself instantly.  But you can do SOMETHING.
My friend Leo Quinn (whom many of you know) has a book called "Own Your Paycheck Again".  Besides tons of great financial advice, it has a plan for getting you out of debt.  The more bills you have, the faster the plan will work.
Taking action will make you feel better.  So will avoiding the news.  AND so will staying optimistic.  Things may be bleak right now but the U.S. is still a pretty darn good place to live.  And my dad just showed me the CPI is actually decreasing, which means real income is going up.  I'm just grateful I can buy gas for $1.86 a gallon again!
Don't forget Tammy Matthews' Bizzi2Go planners, especially if you're trying to get more organized in 2009.  I'm looking at mine right now.  Tammy has them on sale--plus a special bonus! 
Go to:
Now I'm off to eat and do the 30-Day Shred.  Things are going well...although I do admit the kids and I skipped Monday. We only do it 3 times a week.  A quick Google check tells me you burn around 250-300 calories doing it, so imagine if I could find the time to do it every day!
Until next week--keep it real!


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