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Did I Have Broccoli In My Teeth?
The Media Blitz Continues--TV Clip and Radio Show

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Well, it's been a pretty exciting couple of weeks around here for the Brizzell family.
First I did a TV appearance on a local cable show, then I was interviewed
for a radio show called "Your Money Matters" with Marc Pearlman.
But somehow the kids don't seem impressed, dinners must be made,
and the dishes done.  So it really is true--even the rich and famous are
just like us!
(And if you believe THAT, I have a bridge I want to tell you about...)
Both the TV clip and radio show are ready for you to watch/listen on
your computer. Just follow the links below...
Cate on TV
SACC-TV's "Schenectady Today" program with Ann Parillo
Approximately 15 minutes long
. WMV format, compatible with Windows Media Player

(And yes, before I went on the air, I really DID panic that there was something in my teeth, although I was pretty sure it wasn't broccoli, since the show was taped live at 10 a.m. )
Watch the clip:

Cate on Radio

My college classmate Marc Pearlman has a terrific radio show called
"Your Money Matters" that airs locally on Buffalo's 1540 a.m. Sunday
nights.  It's also a podcast that you can get off iTunes.
Marc interviewed me for close to an hour on how I've earned mo^ney
from ho^me--mostly online--since February 1999.  The show isn't
really about "Real People Don't Diet" but it got a great response, so
obviously the topic struck a nerve.
Listen to the show:
The link I refer to in the program is:
So, like I said last week, when Oprah's people give me a call, you'll
be the first to know!

Want to drop a quick couple pounds--without dieting?
The strategy I talk about in "Real People Don't Diet" is for a lifetime
of eating without dieting.
But there are always some quick ways you can lose those extra
2-3 pounds you put on here and there, such as when you eat too
much Super Bowl Sunday and actually make your stomach hurt (my
friend reading this knows exactly who I'm talking about).
You don't have to diet or change what you're eating.  Just switch
your meals around.  Eat dinner for breakfast or lunch, and eat
breakfast for dinner.  Load up on carbs and fiber at the beginning
of the day and eat your veggie, fruit and straight protein meals
during the dinner hour.
(And no, I'm not saying that a Grand Slam dinner at Denny's is
optimal--although it sure IS delicious on occasion.  I'm talking
about breakfast food that includes high-fiber cereals, eggs,
whole-grain breads, fruit and coffee or tea. Sheesh!)
Give it a try and see if that doesn't shed those pesky little pounds.
It's not something you can do forever--unless you live alone and
have total control over your meals--but it's something you can do
temporarily to change up your metabolism.
I'm off to pour another cup of coffee.  It'll be nearly 50 degrees
here today! 
I hope that soccer ball stuck in the snow on my roof will finally
roll off during the thaw...and my son will realize that chucking a
ball over the top of the house isn't such a great idea...
Hope your dreams come true today, too!
Until next week--keep it real!


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