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This will be a short digest, because I'm working from my folks' house
and forgot my power cord.  Grr.  I'm hanging out here everyday this
week, as the kids are off from school and my son is doing a baseball
clinic nearby...
When did it start happening that kids' vacations turned into parents'
worst logistical nightmares?
But I digress...
I wanted to talk to you this week about getting organized.  It's probably
on my mind because it's tax season--and the last document just rolled in,
so I have to get going on ours.
Last year at this time I had nearly a year's worth of filing piled up, and it
was really nasty.  Being a fan of Maria Gracia's
website, I decided to try and see whether her new filing system would "tame the beast", so to speak.  It did!  Now I don't have to stress about tax season.  I just finish up a bit of filing and get going.  Everything I need is at my fingertips.
Now, I'm generally an organized person to begin with.  But I always seem
to find a useful tip in each of Maria's weekly newsletter, or her blog, or 
her wonderful organizing books and products.  I also look for great tips
from magazines and other websites.
The benefits of staying organized are incredible:
--less stress
--save money (something I emphasize on my new, just-about-done
--save time (less clutter to manage, can find stuff when you need it)
--healthier environment (less dust)
And here's something else to consider: my brother, a professional
firefighter in a large city, always says he's never seen a clean house
burn down (this is not a scientific fact, so please don't send me hate
I think we can all agree that being organized is a great way to live.
What does this have to do with losing weight?  Well, probably the #1
reason we overeat is stress.  Emotional eating is a huge roadblock
to losing weight.  If you can reduce stress and simplify life with some
simple organizing tips, isn't it worth giving it a try?
So I encourage you to check out one of Maria's very reasonably-priced
organizing books or systems.  She even has a book on how to become
a professional organizer (which my friend Leo's cousin used this past
December and has already turned into a profitable business).  Here's
a list of what's available:
Finally Organized, Finally Free for the Home
Finally Organized, Finally Free for the Office
Easy Organizer
Holiday Planner
Ultimate Guide for Professional Organizers
All the above are available at this one site:
The filing system is available at a separate site:
And definitely bookmark Maria's blog.  It's terrific:
And now I'd better get going...down to 64% power, and I still have to
upload this to the newsletter archives:
Until next week--keep it real!


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