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A New Strategy:  "Real People Don't Exercise"
ANOTHER Study Proves Dieting Doesn't Work!



Happy Spring, everybody!

Yesterday it was 87 degrees here in upstate NY, tying
a record set back in 1802.

My husband and I decided to play nine holes of golf to get
ready for an upcoming golf tournament for our kids' school.
I thought I was in heaven.  And I even made par - twice.

Unfortunately, I'm a bit sore today, despite the fact I always
do stretching exercises before playing golf.

I also went rock-climbing for the first time over the weekend
while on a ladies' retreat in the Adirondacks.  (On a wall in a
gym, not the real thing!)

It was really exhilarating, because I faced my fear of heights
and overcame it.

What was NOT exhilarating was the fact I'm so out of shape,
I can't swing a golf club or climb a wall without having an aching
back and torso for the next few days!

It's time to face the reality that:
--exercise is necessary for overall well-being
--the older you get, the greater your need for it
--you have to make it a priority, and just do it!

I'm approaching 40 (okay, I'll be 39 this summer) and am
becoming acutely aware that I'm at high risk for osteoporosis.
Weight-bearing exercises will minimize this risk.

So, what to do?

Well, I've going to apply the same philosophy to exercise that
Chris and I developed for weight-loss.

Call it the "Real People Don't Exercise" approach to getting fit!

I'm going to do ONE THING each day to get in some exercise.  I'm
also going to look for ways I can incorporate those things into
my daily routine.  That way, I'm not ADDING to my already-crazed
schedule.  I'm taking stuff I already do and turning it into fitness.

I've already pulled out the Pilates DVD that I enjoy.  It has 10-minute
workouts I can use to target certain areas (can you say "two
C-sections and stomach flab"?)

But what are some things I can do EACH DAY during my normal
routine to get in those weight-bearing movements?

Park my car farther away from stores and walk
Visit the playground during Little League games and do some quick pull-ups
Use my hand weights and do 3 sets of 10 reps while dinner simmers
Do 10 sit-ups before I get dressed
Do 10 push-ups at the kitchen counter each time I do dishes
While hugging my youngest, do 5 quick squats using my legs
Do 10 "back-away" pushups using my triceps after doing dishes
Park at one end of the mall and briskly walk to the store I wanted
to visit--at the other end!
Lift my ice cream cone up and down 20 times before eating

Just kidding on that last one!  Wanted to check and see who was
reading closely.  :-)

You get the idea.

Don't get overwhelmed by a need to exercise.  Just do something
more physically active each day.  Get creative.  Have fun with it.

You'll see results.  I don't care what the experts say (such as 30
minutes of exercise 3 times a week is necessary to reap benefits
of exercise).

If you already enjoy going to the gym or working out at home, more
power to you!  I think that's great and I hope someday I can do the
same.  But for right now, it's not feasible, so I'm going to be realistic

I hope this inspires you to do the same.  Let me know what ideas
you've come up with, or have already implemented in your life, and
I'll share them in my next newsletter.

Send them to:  cate AT


I don't want to belabor the point, but yet another study has proven
that not only does dieting NOT work, but most people would be
better off if they didn't diet at all!

Read about it here:

In fact, this study says that dieting is an INDICATOR of weight gain
and obesity!  In other words, people who diet are much more likely
to be overweight.

Not only that, they do damage to their bodies by losing weight
and then gaining it back.  I thought it was worth noting that dieters'
immune systems were weakened, leading to further illness and

So, if you haven't already read "Real People Don't Diet", please consider
doing so.

I hope the story of how my husband and I developed a daily eating
strategy that DIDN'T involve dieting will inspire you.


Until next time, thanks so much for reading.  

If I can answer any questions for you, please drop me an email at
cate AT 

Keep it Real!

:-)  Cate

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