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Are you really struggling to lose weight?
If you haven't read "Real People Don't Diet", then your head is
probably swimming with all the different options available to you!
You could sign up to have diet food delivered.  You could join one
of those groups that charge you to get weighed every week.  You 
could eat a special cereal for a certain period of time.  You could
buy weight-loss supplements.  Maybe you should drink more water;
eat more vegetables; stop eating carbs altogether; never have
sweets again; count calories; watch your fats; join the gym; buy a
And so on.
There are so many options--and many of them make sense.  It's
really overwhelming.
So let me suggest something different.  No--it's not in my book.  But
it sure fits with our strategy, and it's something I've already begun
Do just ONE thing and you will lose weight: 
In other words, check your dishes...are they bigger than they used to be?
During the holidays/winter season I have special dishes that are bright
and festive, to help ease the winter blues a bit.  They sit on top of a few
of my regular dishes.  I can easily see that they're about 30% bigger!
Why?  Well, during typical holiday meals, we really pile the food on,
don't we?
If you think about it, I'm sure you'll realize that portion sizes in American
restaurants--fast-food and otherwise--have increased significantly over
the years.  I would venture to say portion sizes are up 40-50%.
When I worked at McDonald's during my teen years, a "large" soft drink is
now what's called the "medium"-sized drink. Today's "large" fries were called "extra-large" fries 20 years ago.
Getting back to dishes, I bet you'd find the plates and bowls in your cabinet right now are bigger than the ones your mother used.
So how can you go about reducing portion sizes? 
Well,  there's two things you have to realize:
1)  Portion-driven eating is mostly visual, and
2) You can easily trick your brain by changing what you see.
If you see a picture menu at McDonald's with the largest meal featured,
your brain automatically rejects the smaller-sized choice, because you
think it "won't be enough".  If you only fill half a plate, but it's a larger-
sized plate than you normally use, your brain will think it "won't be
enough" food, even though it could be the exact same amount you're
used to eating.
Don't believe me?  Try it.  Eat your next meal off a larger plate, maybe
even a serving platter.  Give yourself the same amount of food you
normally eat.  See whether your don't have to resist the urge to believe
that you need "more".  It's just a brain thing!
So how do you make this work?
Get different dishes.  Or buy yourself a special, smaller plate that
you'll use for your meals.  Don't look at the fancy picture menu; look at
the actual cups and serving sizes of fast-food items.  (I buy the $1 small
fries at McDonald's--those little envelopes are totally filled up, and are
actually only a few fries less than the more expensive, larger portion.  I
easily split them with one of my kids.)  Always order the lunch sizes, or
smaller portions, when you go out to eat.
You'll be completely amazed at how satisfied you are, yet how much
less food you're eating.  Why?  Because your brain is set to connect
hunger satiation with a full plate or tray.  So--give your brain the visual
it needs to send the right signal to your stomach!
Of course, it would be optimal if your plate was mostly veggies, fruits
or lean meats, but if you really can't go there right now, and you've 
been frustrated for so long just trying to lose some weight...
...simply eat smaller portions.
And let me know how it works for you.
(If you haven't read "Real People Don't Diet", give it a try at the new
reduced price, just for these trying times.  The strategy we used
fits right in with the reduced portion strategy I've outlined above.  It will
give you a simple, effective way to lose weight without dieting.  Combine
it with reduced portion sizes and you must lose weight--it's mathematically
impossible not to!)
Until next week--keep it real!


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