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What Would Motivate You?

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Wow!  I think spring has sprung! It was over 50 degrees here
yesterday, and I wore flip-flops.  Maybe I don't need a "happy light"
On a more somber note, I noticed an article in our local paper this
morning that startled me.  I found it online as well:
A recent study showed a link between Alzheimer's onset and 
dementia in people with Type 2 diabetes.  
"Doctors long suspected diabetes damaged blood vessels that
supply the brain. It now seems even more insidious, that the
damage may start before someone is diagnosed with full-blown
diabetes, back when the body is gradually losing its ability to
regulate blood sugar."
And what really gave me chills was this:
"The link has staggering societal implications: More than 5 million
Americans have Alzheimer's, and cases already are projected to
skyrocket in the next two decades as the population ages. The
question is how much the simultaneous obesity-fueled epidemic
of Type 2 diabetes may worsen that toll."
Whenever you see di^et commercials on TV, they always pitch how
you'll look slimmer and feel better.  But I think an even greater motivation
to get to your natural wei^ght and stay there is the fact that your
chances of developing Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and now
Alzheimer's is greatly increased.
As always, the key is a healthy diet and exercise.  So you need to 
seriously think about how you will achieve those two things.  In my
opinion, fancy-schmancy plans don't work.  Check out my book 
for the plan I use (  
As for exercise, find something you like to do that keeps you active,
and then do it often.
You don't have to do complicated routines or work out at a gym.  Just
walk to music, bike, do aerobics, dance, garden, and more.  As long as
it's vigorous enough to make you sweat and get your heart rate up,
and you do it 3-4 times a week for at least a half-hour, you'll really
help yourself.
We have a recumbent bike that I like for days when I don't feel like doing
the "30-Day Shred" video. (  We
watch TV and bike for a half-hour.  I know I'm not toning myupper body at
all, but a few modified pushups does the trick.  At least I'm working my heart. 
The long and short of it is that the American population's obesity
is starting to have measurable effects on health trends...and it's serious
I hope the medical profession will begin to look for ways to really help
patients lose weight, instead of just saying "you need to eat right and
exercise".  People need strategies that will help them overcome the
mental and emotional barriers they're facing.  Sometimes knowing what
you need to do just isn't enough.
Need a good laugh?  (Did you know belly laughing releases hormones that
keep you healthy?)
--Visit and send yourself a Leprechaun Bailout
dance.  I know St. Patrick's Day was yesterday, but that's ok--it's all for
--Head over to and search for your favorite sitcom--even
those from the 70's (Barney Miller) and 80's (Family Ties, Newhart).  Sadly,
even old TV "dramas" (like "The A-Team") are good for some laughs. You can
catch new episodes of current TV shows, too.  And it's all complimentary!
(Hint: is a perfect companion for your recumbent bike or treadmill.)
--Visit America's Funniest Home Videos online and watch their most popular
Belly laugh at least once a day, no matter what's going on.  You WILL feel
Have a great week!


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