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Post-1040 Comfort Foods on Tax Day
My #1 Tax Tip
 Are You Trapped In A Cycle Of Guilt And Shame?  STOP!  Use
"Real People Don't Diet" To Start Eating Like A Real Person
While Losing Weight

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over
and expecting different results.

So if dieting hasn't worked for you, and your weight is all you think
about, it's time to do something different.
Try this:  no more trips to the scale, no counting or calculating or
yucky diet foods, meals and foods you enjoy without guilt, and a
slimmer, healthier you.

Sound good?  "Real People Don't Diet" will show you how to use a
simple math formula to trick your brain and create new, permanent,
healthier and slimmer eating habits.

Developed by a real-life couple that dropped over 60 pounds combined
in 2006 (and kept it off ever since).

Well, it's here:  April 15.  Happy Tax Day here in the U.S.  Yippee.
I have a feeling some of you will be in great need of comfort food
after filing your tax returns.
But can you do comfort food if you're trying to lo se we ight?
Sure you can!  If you're a real person and play on losing we ight the
"Real People Don't Diet" way, which is to basically STOP "die" ting.
I eat comfort food when I need to, and I don't feel guilty about it.
Here are some comfort food tips for Tax Day, if you need 'em
(or any other day, for that matter):
--Head to your favorite fast food joint and buy one item off the menu.
Not an extra-value meal.  Just one item.  And then enjoy it with a cold
bottle or glass of water.  (Fries, anyone?  Bean burrito?  Burger?)
--Munch on a snack that's higher in fiber, such as popcorn at the movies
or all-natural chips.  Target has some terrific natural snacks that are
just yummy (we love the black pepper kettle chips).
--Make a casserole or enjoy pasta, but double the veggies and/or use
whole-wheat or half-n-half pasta.
--Need sweets to do the trick?  Go right ahead.  BUT get the smallest
size.  Promise yourself you can go back for more if you want.  Chances
are you'll be full (and satisfied) and won't go back for seconds.
--Craving a hot, sweet drink?  Try a flavored coffee tinged with skim milk,
or a nonfat latte.  Load up on whipped cream and/or spices, such as
cinnamon and nutmeg.  Mmmm...very comforting.  Very low on calories
and fat. 
These are just some ideas I use to get through "comfort food" days.  Hope
they help make today a little more bearable for you.
(If you'd like to see some of my family recipes or get more tips on how
to lose we ight like a "real" person, pick up a copy of my book:)

A #1 tax tip, in a di et newsletter?  Well, my background is finance and
accounting, and I once taught a course in corporate taxation.  So yeah,
I feel led to give out my #1 tip...
If you're getting a big refund due to withholding (or lack thereof), STOP
lending the government your money, interest-free, for up to 18 months!
If you budget a refund each year in order to pay for big-ticket items, stop
and think for a minute.  You could be putting that money into an
interest-bearing account, or your retirement account, or your kids' college
fund.  At least you'd be getting some sort of return on it! 
By figuring your withholding in order to get a big refund, you're literally
lending the government your money, free of interest, from the time you
get paid until you get your refund.
Change your withholding, and then take a few minutes to manage the
extra bucks you'll find in your paycheck.  It's easier than ever to set up
automatic contributions to retirement, college or savings accounts.  You
can set it up once and then forget about it, while your money (and 
savings) grows.
Saving, investing and paying down debt every payday will benefit you
more in the long run versus doing it in lump-sum fashion once a year, 
when you get your refund.
Visit for their withholding calculator that will help you
revise your W-4.  Once you're done with the calculator you'll have two
copies of W-4 forms all ready to print out, sign, and return to your 
personnel office.
(For more great tips on managing your m oney better, you can't do 
better than my friend Leo Quinn's "How To Own Your Paycheck
Again".  If you conventional wisdom isn't working for you, give his
tips a try:)
 And speaking of finances, I'm still close to finishing up my newest site,
Right now I'm working on reviews of online budgeting sites, such as
Mvelopes (what we use) and
If you like the "Don't Diet Digest", stop on over and sign up for my budget
newsletter, too.   I promise to make it just as fun.  :-)
That's it for this week!  Don't worry; be happy!
Have a great week!


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