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Our New Favorite Snack
Flavored Coffee Tips

 Make Secret Restaurant Recipes At Home (And Fit Them Into
Your "Real People Don't Die t" Strategy)
How'd you like to finally get your hands on the recipes for all those
restaurant meals you just love?
Now's your chance!  :-)
It's good can pick up a copy of this cookbook, find your
favorite dishes from favorite restaurants, and eat great while eating
in.  You'll save money, and you'll lose wei ght, too.  You can keep the
portion sizes reasonable!

Just a quick issue this week!
It was over 90 degrees here on Saturday and yesterday.  If you've ever
doubted the power of vitamin D, just try sitting in the sun after 5 1/2
months of winter.  Wow.  I could feel my energy surging!  It was great.


My kids have latched on to a new favorite snack.


Their favorite flavor is Harvest Cheddar. 

And I love the snack, too.  According to the label, the serving size
is 15 chips (and they're big squares).  There are only 6g of fat, 15g
of carbs, and equal amounts of fiber and sugar (2g each).

The only quibble I have with the ingredients is a bit of food coloring
in the Harvest Cheddar flavor. 
The Garden Salsa is nice and zesty (but too spicy for the kids).  I
also like the Peppercorn Ranch.

"Real People" eat snacks, but it's pretty obvious that your typical potato
chip or cheese puff isn't going to do you any good.  So why give up what
you love to eat?  Just find a better alternative!

That's the "Real People Don't Diet" way!

If you want to enjoy something crunchy and salty, and eat it guilt-free,
then give Sunchips a try.

And a quick tip--if the serving size is 15 chips, then literally count out
15 chips and put them in a cup or bowl, instead of just grabbing a bag
and eating out of it. 

The smaller your container, the bigger your snack will seem.  And you'll
guarantee you don't overindulge. 

I may have already shared my favorite "lose we^ight" coffee tips, but here
goes anyway...

If you enjoy flavored coffee, you need to know you're going to add lots of
sugar (and possibly fat) if you use flavored creamers or flavor syrups.
You can get the same taste by using flavored coffee grounds.  Blend with
regular coffee to save money while getting subtle flavor.
Add regular cinnamon, nutmeg and/or cloves to flavored or regular coffee
grounds for yummy and inexpensive flavoring.  
Buying coffee?  Skip the syrups and opt for regular coffee; then stir in
spices (Starbucks has cinnamon and nutmeg at every condiment station).
Or, you can order brewed flavored coffee (make sure there are no syrups
involved) and add a touch of skim milk to get the flavor without any
bitterness.  If you choose "sweet" flavors like vanilla or hazelnut you'll
probably find you don't need any sugar!

Have a great week!


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