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We're Going Nutty For Kashi
Our Spring 2009 Family Photos

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Hi everyone!'re wondering why you haven't heard from me in a couple
Well, there are two reasons, actually.  The main reason is that I've
received some feedback indicating you enjoy bi-weekly e-mails
more than weekly e-mails (aren't we all getting a lot of e-mail
these days)?  If you disagree, hit "reply" and let me know.  I can
always go back to the once-a-week format.
A second reason is that I've been waaaay busy the last couple
weeks.  We've had 11 baseball games since my last newsletter,
plus another dance competition.  It's been fun.  Wanna see pictures?
Just go here:

Sharing my photos has been wildly popular, so I figured I'd keep
doing it.  This time around there aren't any photos of me (or my
handsome and VERY single youngest brother).  Guess someone
has to remind me to step in front of the lens once in a while!
I am officially NUTTY over Kashi bars now.  We brought a box along
on our trip to NYC--I think they were the cherry chocolate chewy bars.
So when we headed out of town to MA for the latest dance competition, I
decided to try the fruit and grain variety, with two of my favorite flavors:
dark chocolate and coconut!
Holy cow, they were yummy...
We ate them as breakfast and snacks, along with black coffee and/or
bottled water.  I found they were a pretty good meal substitute.  I didn't
get hungry any earlier than usual.  The fiber and protein content seemed
to do the trick.
And if you're losing we ight the RPDD way, then you know natural ingredients
work best, so that puts Kashi head and shoulders over any other bar that
uses corn syrup or other such ingredients.
Give them a try and see whether you don't like them, too.  You can go here
to print some coupons:

And if you don't have my book "Real People Don't Di et" yet, you can get it
at this link:
What are you doing for Memorial Day?  We're heading to Williamsburg, VA
for a long-anticipated vacation.  We've been there before and liked it a
lot.  We'll also visit Washington, D.C. on the way home.  We did this a couple
years ago, and the kids liked it so much, they asked to go back. 
Remember those pictures?
Whatever you're doing, I hope you have fun doing it.

Have a great week!


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