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Colonial Food
Why Skinny Chicks Don't Eat Salads

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Well, we're back from vacation!  What a whirlwind couple of weeks it's
We really enjoyed Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown, Yorktown, and the
American History and National Air and Space museums in Washington,
D.C.  Learned a lot, too.

As usual, I've put some pictures up for you to enjoy.  Most of them center
around food--something I thought you RPDD'ers would enjoy!  One of the
pictures (I'll let you figure it out) may cause you to lose your appetite...
While we were on vacation, I managed to catch a segment on a morning
show with Christine Avanti, CN, who wrote a book called "Skinny Chicks
Don't Eat Salads".  She lost 30 po unds without a salad in sight!

I had a feeling her philosophy would be similar to ours when it comes to
eating and losing we ight, and I was right.

You'll be amazed at what you think is healthy and slim ming food, versus
what you should really be eating if you want to look great and feel great,
I encourage you to grab a copy of Avanti's book and use her tips, along
with your personal "Real People Don't Di et" eating strategy, to enjoy your
food while losing we ight and getting healthy. 

You can view the book or purchase "Skinny Chicks" at by going here:
I won't tell you all Avanti's secrets, but a great one is her "CP" combo, where you eat good carbs and proteins in tandem at every meal, keeping your metabolism burning and that muscle building.  "No-carb" is NOT the way to lose we ight, while "low-carb" or "good-carb" plus some yummy proteins means you still get to eat a lot of good stuff you like, within reason...
I'll just let you discover the secrets for yourself:
Skinny Chicks:
Real People Don't Di et:
Hope you enjoy our photos.  Happy start of summer!


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