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At Least You Don't Eat In Your Sleep--Like THIS Lady!
Good (And Bad) Movie Snacks

Are You Trapped In A Cycle Of Guilt And Shame?  STOP!  Use
"Real People Don't Diet" To Start Eating Like A Real Person
While Losing We ight!

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and
expecting different results!

So if dieting hasn't worked for you, and your we ight is all you think
about, it's time to do something different.  Right?
Try this:  no more trips to the scale, no counting or calculating or
yucky di et foods, meals and foods you enjoy without guilt, and a
slim mer, healthier you.

Sound good?  "Real People Don't Diet" will show you how to use a
simple math formula to trick your brain and create new, permanent,
healthier and slimmer eating habits.  It's a simple strategy developed
by a real-life couple that dropped over 60 pounds combined--and
kept it off ever since.
And all you have to do is eat "real" foods you enjoy!

So you think you have it tough when it comes to losing that extra
You could be the poor woman in the UK who eats in her sleep and
gains about 14 pounds a month!  True story...
"Doctors believe that for the past 20 years she has been getting
up in her sleep, walking to the fridge and eating as many as 2,000
calories in a single night."
Wow. All I can say is:  that's a LOT of leftovers!
Although, I have to say...if you're eating all that stuff in your sleep, why
would you keep it in the house?  Don't keep chocolate in the house.
Don't load the freezer with ice cream.  Sometimes common
sense goes a long way, too...

Been to the movies lately? When you escape to the air-conditioned
theater this summer, you can still enjoy some snacks without
putting on the po unds.
BAD choices:
--popcorn with butter (it's really fake butter OIL, anyway)
--Snickers bar
--Reese's pieces
GOOD choices:
--soft pretzel
--Junior Mints (my FAVE!)
--Gummy Bears
--Milk Duds
--popcorn without butter
--bottled water
So go ahead and enjoy yourself.  Let those dieters sneak the
carrots and celery and teeny grain cookies into the theater!
You get to eat "real" food when you go to the movies, if you
eat the "Real People Don't Diet" way...
I told you last week that I'd let you know how I like the Special K Protein
Plus cereal that reader Tammy recommends.
It's definitely flaky and crispy, with a slight hint of cinnamon.  It tastes a lot like bran flakes but not as cardboard-ish.  I like it a lot better with fruit
(usually blueberries or strawberries).
Definitely a good-tasting alternative to my usual mini-wheats.
Give it a try.  Eat breakfast every day. Skip juice and opt for slices of
real fruit on your cereal (or on the side) with water or black coffee/tea
to drink.  I use skim milk instead of 2% or regular (I actually like the
taste better).  
If you skip breakfast, you'll have a harder time losing we ight.  You
need to keep your metabolism going constantly (another reason
di eting just doesn't work.)
Kudos, Tammy!  Two thumbs up.
Have a fabulous rest of the week.  If you go to the movies, have a box
of Junior Mints for me!


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