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Are You Too Busy To Eat Better?

Are You Trapped In A Cycle Of Guilt And Shame?  STOP!  Use
"Real People Don't Diet" To Start Eating Like A Real Person
While Losing Weight!

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and
expecting different results!

So if dieting hasn't worked for you, and your weight is all you think
about, it's time to do something different.  Right?
Try this:  no more trips to the scale, no counting or calculating or
yucky diet foods, meals and foods you enjoy without guilt, and a
slimmer, healthier you.

Sound good?  "Real People Don't Diet" will show you how to use a
simple math formula to trick your brain and create new, permanent,
healthier and slimmer eating habits.  It's a simple strategy developed
by a real-life couple that dropped over 60 pounds combined--and
kept it off ever since.
And all you have to do is eat "real" foods you enjoy!

I hope my American readers enjoyed the July Fourth holiday.  We did,
despite rather cool weather.  It's my oldest daughter's birthday, so it's
ALWAYS a special day for us! 
This issue of the "Don't Diet Digest" is personal.  I'm gonna "preach to
the choir", as they say.
I'm finding myself at mid-summer, busy beyond belief.  Yes, there are certain things you can't avoid when you have kids, big families and are experiencing certain stages of your life.  There are definitely "seasons" we go through, and some are busier than others.
However, when a busy schedule begins to affect you physically, it's time
to step back and make some changes.
I've noticed that when my schedule gets overly hectic, I tend to overeat
AND eat foods that aren't as nutritious as I'd like.  While I don't always
gain weight (because I'm running around, or because I'm so busy I skip
meals), I do find that I don't feel well, don't sleep well, and I don't always
have the energy I need to do what needs to be done.  I'm much more likely to stop by the drive-thru, which isn't good for my wallet, either.
Does this sound familiar to you?  It's ironic than when we most need to
be in tip-top shape, we stop taking vitamins, stop eating right, stop
exercising, stop sleeping, and so on.
It's not just "busy-ness" that creates this scenario.  Guilt, depression, grief and other emotional strongholds can plunge folks into this destructive cycle.
So, how to get off the merry-go-round and get back on track?
Here are a few great quotes I found online from a woman named Jeanne

"You can't add new activities without first asking, 'What will I remove from my schedule?'"

"If you don't calculate the trade offs, the most precious things in your life will
get the short end of the deal."
"Do simple things to take care of yourself--take vitamins, exercise, sleep.
B-complex vitamins (the stress and energy vitamins) are just my best friends!"

"Twenty percent of what you do creates 80 percent of your results."

"The non negotiables are time with God, my husband and the kids. You will
have to make brutal choices throughout the years."
"Make decisions that will be effective and beneficial for the long haul." 
I especially like the first quote.
If you tend to be a people-pleaser or have a hard time saying "no", you need to realize that you are making short-term decisions that will have disastrous long-term effects.  Your health will be affected.  Your relationships will be affected.
As hard as it might be, you MUST stop caring what other people will think
about your decisions.  You WILL upset people by saying no.  But THEY are not the ones affected by your overly busy schedule, and they are not the ones who will be ignored because you're too busy for what's most important.
There will always be work to do.  There will always be things left undone. If 20% of what you do produces 80% of the results, then let the 80% go. 
You can leave the dishes in the sink until tomorrow morning if it's already way past your bedtime.  You can have friends over even if your house is a disaster.  Trust me--they're just glad you aren't at THEIR house!
How does all this relate to losing we ight, you ask? 
It's virtually impossible to stay at a healthy we ight if you're overly stressed, guilty or busy, that's how.
Take the time to make up weekly or monthly menus.  Build in an hour or more for dinner before activities.  Have quick, healthy meal and beverage options available for those days you just can't seem to fit anything in. Keep snacks and drinks in your car, briefcase or bag.
Decide to draw a hard line in the sand when it comes to your priorities and
your time.
Above all, STOP FEELING GUILTY about making choices that are long-term,
better for YOU, and better for your family. 
I know I'm going to retrench.  How about you?
Write and share your ideas:  cate AT


Until next time, "keep it real"!


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