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An Apple A Day


Just a quick note today before I head out the door to the Disney "Christmas Carol Train Tour" that's stopping by our local Amtrack station...
Have you heard the saying "an apple a day keeps the doctor away"?
Well, it's true.
Apples offer many health benefits, not least of which include extra fiber and essential vitamins. They're sweet and crispy and easy to tote.  Living here in the Northeast U.S. is a real treat, because we have a tasty apple crop every fall.  I can literally drive a few miles down the road and visit an orchard to pick my own.
It also turns out apples may be an essential fruit if you're trying to lose weight, especially using the RPDD strategy.
I came across this article in USA Today describing a study that proved people who ate an apple 15 minutes before lunch consumed 190 fewer calories than those who didn't.
In other words, begin your lunch (or dinner) with an apple. Munch an apple just before you leave your desk, or just as you begin preparing dinner.  They're easy to pop into a briefcase or purse, and they'll fit nicely in the cupholders in your car, too.  :-)
As always, when buying fruits and veggies, try to go local, try to go fresh, and try to go organic, if at all possible.
Remember, the RPDD strategy is all about eating foods you already enjoy.  Using a few "tricks" like this just move the process along that much faster...and help you maintain your weight loss that much longer.
(And if you want to enjoy some apple crisp here and there, go for it!  I use a bit less sugar and a bit more oats than the recipe calls for.)
Happy fall, and have a great week!


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