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Audio interview with Mary from South Carolina who lost fifteen pounds in just five weeks!  Click here to listen.

Below are Real Stories submitted by Real People, just like you.  They read "Real People Don't Diet", implemented our special strategy, and started to lose weight!

Read along and get inspired.  Then, get the book and submit your own story here.  

If they did it, YOU can too!

"I took the advice you gave me over Christmas and tried it at every meal. I lost four pounds this month!  And I still enjoyed cookies and ice cream. I'm walking on the treadmill at least three times a week and I feel a lot better.  At this rate I'll be really happy in just a few months."

Karen L.
Poughkeepsie, NY

"My husband and I were on a really weird diet of pretty much no carbs--way too restrictive--but we did lose weight.  I like your theory of changing the way we eat and not going on strict diets, because they are too hard to stay on.  Your way can really become a part of everyday lifestyle--it's easy and very do-able.  I've already lost a few pounds and my clothes are starting to fit better.  I'm excited about this new way of eating, for our entire family, to get healthier and feel better."

Mary J.
Florence, SC

Listen to Mary share how she lost 15 pounds in her first 5 weeks!

"I'm 41 and done with the library of weight loss programs and plans out their on the market that have robbed me blind! Reality is I'm a real mom and a busy one at that. I'm sick of being a roller coaster mama with
my weight. Being an RN, I am fully aware of the dangers that being chronically overweight can bring. Quite frankly, I'm not interested in increasing my chances of heart disease, diabetes or cancer. No thanks--no more!  I have adopted Cate's principles into my own family,
and all they've noticed is some yummy new foods and a few painless changes.  In one month, my "fat jeans" are now loose:)"

Tammy Matthews
Ballston Spa, NY
President, Bizzimom Planners, Inc.

"I just wanted to say thanks for putting this together.  I hadn't realized how many carbs I was eating!  I was watching the calorie count but not the carb.  I've lost 3 lbs. this week just trying to eat less carbs. I have a LOT to lose so that may not seem like much but at least I'm not gaining! The easy weight loss has even motivated me to exercise some.  I have 100 extra lbs. to lose and exercise can be difficult. One of the greatest benefits has been helping me to deal with my horrible Dr. Pepper habit but seeing what the carb count was FINALLY helped me curb this.  I had been following a calorie counting diet and had managed to work a Dr. Pepper in for myself daily. It actually fit calorie wise but I was gaining!  Now I am losing!  Seeing the number on the scale go DOWN is a great motivator.  THANK YOU!"

Kimberly W.

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