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Something I Really Thought You'd Want To Know About

Published:  1/1/09

If you've been a subscriber for a while you know that I do NOT inundate
you with e-mails selling a bunch of stuff.  I try to stay very focused on
providing you with fun, informational e-letters that keep you motivated to
eat the RPDD way and lose weight.  Hopefully, I make you laugh once
or twice.
But today I became aware of something that I feel I must share with each
of you.  It's an opportunity that I've taken advantage of since 2003, and
one that I believe every family must now consider, given the economic
upset of 2008.  It's not related to losing weight.  But it IS related to
"real" life, so I figure you might be interested.
This e-mail isn't short.  I'm going to explain why I feel strongly about
sending this e-mail, and what the opportunity is all about.  It's going to take a few minutes for you to read it, so get a cup of coffee or water or
whatever you like--and please keep reading!
I think recent events have shown that it's clearly time for each of us to begin building personal financial security.  Yes, we need to be frugal and save. But we also need to look at ways of generating income that are NOT
dependent on our jobs!
Let's face it...none of those income sources are reliable any more. 
Companies we thought would never go out of business collapsed in a
day.  Nothing is sacred.  Nothing is a sure thing.
My own husband suffered a layoff in 2003.  It took him 18 months to find
a new job.  We recently learned that many of the top officials in his former
company were convicted of fraud (to inflate stock price) and are now in
jail!   Their GREED led to very deep financial difficulties for our family,
and we continue to recover from the effects of the layoff.
One of the best things I did in the aftermath of our own personal
disaster was to start an internet business.  I was already doing medical
transcription, but was limited to working late at night when our young
children were asleep.  I could only make a few hundred dollars a month.
We decided that we needed income that was passive (not tied directly
to hours worked).  We needed income that was flexible and not dependent
on a boss, company, any one product, etc.  We needed income that I
could generate from home, since staying home with the kids is something
we value highly and is in keeping with our own personal goals.  Finally, we
needed income that required very little overhead, no store, no
employees.  You get the picture.
I began surfing the internet in 2003 for more information on what was
available, and found a company called Sitesell out of Canada.  They had
a product called "SiteBuildIt!" that was an all-in-one web host, website
builder, and online business course.  They said they would teach me how
to research, design, build, maintain and market content-based websites
that would result in growing traffic, growing income and growing financial
So I downloaded a free course the company founder, Ken Evoy, wrote. 
As I studied, I was impressed by the company's ethics, attitude, and sense of community.  They DIDN'T say I'd get ri^ch quick.  They DID say building a website business would take dedication and hard work, like any other endeavor. 
SBI! even walked me through the process of brainstorming topics to build
a website around.  I didn't feel like much of an expert on anything, but it
turns out we all have information other people need!  Building win-win
situations is what successful businesses are all about.
Now, 5 years later, I have three websites with SBI!, and have co-authored
their WAHM (work-at-ho^me-mom) free guide/course.  I have generated
income that supplements my husband's salary and allows me to stay
with the kids--I can even homeschool successfully.  We can take vacations, pay for dance class and even buy a few gadgets here and there.  Every year my income grows.
( is an SBI! site, by the way.)
Why am I bothering to tell you all this?  Because until midnight on
January 5 SBI! is offering anyone the opportunity to buy one site and
get another for free!  (Hang on, I'll give you their link so you can peek in
just a minute...)  I just got the reminder in my inbox, since I have a
website with them, and suddenly started thinking about how many
people's lives could be changed for the better (just like mine) with an
SBI! site.

(**SPECIAL NOTE:  The deadline to the buy-one-get-one special has obviously passed, but SBI! is still a great deal at its everyday price.  Don't wait to start working on another stream of income.**)
Like I said before, I just felt very strongly that I should share this,
especially given the economic climate we currently face.
SBI! is already an incredible value, so this is really a major event.  It's like
getting a site 50% off.  I used this offer to build two websites that are
already earning me income:
What would you do with two sites?  Build one, then another, to double
your income.  You have 9 months to start the second site.

You could also give the second one away to a friend or relative that feels
as strongly about financial security as you do.  Or, buddy up with someone
and build your sites together.  Compete to see who gets the most traffic
first--or the most revenue. Heck, sell it, if you want. is great for that.
You don't need to know anything about building websites to make this
work.  I didn't back in March of 2003.  SBI! teaches you everything you
need to learn.  They have tons of tools and services that most website
owners have to buy separately (and teach themselves to use). If you ARE
tech-savvy, SBI! allows you to do all the techy stuff you might enjoy,
including CSS, shopping carts and blogging software. 
SBI! doesn't just leave you hanging, either.  They have biweekly
newsletters that keep you up-to-date on all things internet, plus very, very active forums for SBI'ers that are like massive, totally-free help desks for any possible question you might have when it comes to websites and
online business.
This is the "best" way to make money online, from home, that I
have come across--hands down.  Especially for beginners.  It works for
"real" people, you might say.  ;-) 
Several colleges and universities are now using SBI! to teach courses
on web entrepreneurship, like The Citadel in South Carolina.  I've often
said that what I learned from SBI! rivalled--if not exceeded--what I learned during four years of college for a B.S. degree in Business (ever wonder why it's called a "B.S." degree...?).
I'm sending this email now so you can think about what I've shared, check
out the links below, and still have a couple days to think about it.  I try not to rush into decisions and neither should you, especially where money is involved.
Think about how you can start a website in your spare time that will
slowly grow an income source for you and your family.
Please don't think you can't do this.  SBI! has free courses and books that
will teach you everything you need to know, from writing to building. 
Here you go...
The SBI! main site (with details on the special):
Want to read some SBI'er case studies?  Many have quite their day jobs
to run their sites full-time.  The different niches they've built sites around
are amazing!  Go here:
Prefer video? Watch SBI'ers tell their stories:
Have specific questions you'd like SBI to answer, personally?  (Please
do NOT hesitate to use this!):
To order and/or get succinct list of all that's included:

Find out more details about the site build it scam:

Thanks for reading this far.   You can always feel free to e-mail me at
cate AT if you have any questions about SBI!
or my sites.  I'll do my best to answer as completely as I can.
At the very least, I hope this e-mail got you thinking.  It's no longer business as usual.  It's time to start making changes when it comes to our money, and definitely time to be more independent.
I wish you MUCH prosperity for 2009, as well as good health and
continued weight loss (of course)!
See you next week with an article on exercise!


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