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Guys Read This, Too!

Hi there!

Hope your Memorial Day weekend was meaningful, as well
as a fun way to start summer.  To all readers who are
veterans or family of veterans, thank you for your

A special thanks goes out to my sister-in-law, currently
serving as a physician with the Air Force "somewhere" in
southern Iraq, and my cousin, a Marine Corps officer. 


I guess my last issue of "Don't Diet Digest" touched a
nerve with a male reader I know quite well.  You can
read it here:

Seems I disregarded all my male readers by talking
directly to female readers about finding jeans that fit.  :-)

So, to keep things fair, let me direct part of this
newsletter exclusively to my male audience.

Here's a great article on the top 10 foods you need to
be eating if you're a guy:

Also, if you're doing any weightlifting, push-ups, pull-ups,
or other types of muscle-building exercise routines, keep in
mind that as you build muscle mass you will gain weight.  This
means that you may not see your weight go down on the scale as
quickly as you'd like.  The true measure of whether or not
your body is changing is how your clothes fit--your weight
can stay the same while your shape changes.

That's just one of the many reasons why I don't recommend
weighing yourself frequently.  It's counter-productive, IMHO.


Here's a great summer food that's filling, tasty and great for


Because it's full of, um...water..., it fills you up.  Add watermelon
to your daily diet and see if you don't feel satisfied and
refreshed on those hot summer days.  But here's the secret:  eat
those chunks BEFORE your BBQ.  You'll have less room for the
macaroni salad.


My husband's grandmother died a couple weeks ago, and
while we were attending the funeral, I was thinking about
how quickly time can fly, and how full a life can be--or not.

Yes, it's nice to set goals and try to achieve them;
to better ourselves physically, emotionally, financially
and relationally; and to strive for things we don't have and
to make plans for the future.

But at the same time, it's just as important to enjoy
our "now", because we don't have any guarantees for the
future.  If we aren't reasonably satisfied with who we are
and what we've accomplished, to a certain extent, how will
we ever be content when we finally get what we want? 

If you've been striving to lose weight, but haven't yet
reached your goal, find a way to enjoy your look
now.  Get a killer outfit that fits great and flatters
your figure.  Get a great haircut and go out on the town. 
Buy a new and stylish pair of glasses.  If you like cheesecake
or hot fudge sundaes, go for it (once in a while). 

In other words, enjoy your "real" life!

Keep it real, and see you next week!


Cate Brizzell signature

P.S.  Speaking of debt, you've heard me talk about my childhood
friend Leo Quinn's "get out of debt" ebook/program.  Well, he
updated it last month, so it's new and fresh and DEFINITELY what
a lot of folks need with food and gas prices rising and the
economy struggling.  Check it out here:

P.P.S.  There's a new website address for archived issues of this

Easy to find, easy to catch up!
Keep it real, and see you next week!


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